Chris Hemsworth plays 'The Bont' in revived 'I'd like to see that' campaign via Cummins&Partners

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 1.16.59 pm.jpgThe AFL has launched a new campaign starring Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth playing Marcus Bontempelli aka 'The Bont' in a newly launched campaign via Cummins&Partners.

As part of the larger campaign Bontempelli is set to be plastered on billboards up and down Australia's east coast along with Sydney's Josh Kennedy, West Coast's Josh Kennedy and GWS forward Jeremy Cameron.

The TV campaign, which builds on the 1990s advertising sensation "I'd like to see that," has been revived to appeal to both new and old AFL fans.

Says Bontempelli: "He is a genuine superstar so it is pretty amazing to be part of this campaign. When I told my family, my sisters seemed more excited to see him in my jumper than me, he owes me one."

AFL head of marketing Julian Dunne said that the broader AFL marketing campaign highlights what makes the game unique and spectacular, the live experience, the incredible skills of the players and the passion of the fans.

Says Dunne: "The Western Bulldogs premiership win is one of the great sporting stories, and with Chris being such a huge Bulldogs fan, he was a natural fit.

"He was really passionate about the campaign and involved through the whole process, including the idea and the script. He was brilliant to work with and we were thrilled that he wanted to be involved."

Client: AFL
Julian Dunne - Head of Marketing & Insights
Tim Hirst - Marketing Manager
Emily Colman - Marketing Brand Advisor

Agency: Cummins & Partners
Executive Creative Directors: Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens
Senior Art Director: Trent Hendrick
Copywriter: Tom Vizard
Group Account Director: Rod Mooseek
Senior Account Director: Steph Garner
Senior Producer: Carol Sinclair
Head of Broadcast: Chris Moore

Production Partners
Director: Patrick Hughes
Producer: Kate Merrin
Executive Producer: Corey Esse
Production Company: Finch
Post: Editors / Crayon
Post Producers: Douglas Pope + Kate Stenhouse
Editor: Peter Whitmore
Online: Jamie Scott
Grade: Martin Greer
Sound: Risk Sound
Sound Engineer: Dylan Stephens


Josh Kennedy said:

I'm everywhere.

Jaded said:

Oooh, self-conscious!

And it's probably not a good idea to cast easily-recognised Australian actors as the Hollywood types.

A germ of an idea ruined by execution.

Thor said:

Better use of Hemsworth that those try hard foxtel ads.

Barassi said:

The original 'I'd like to see that'work is legendary.
I really dislike it being badly resurrected,not once but twice in the last few months.
For this campaign and the really wimpy version for AFLW.
And don't give me that homage bullshit!

Rossy Lyon said:

What Barassi said.

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