Davy Rennie's Adobe Summit Diary: Day 3

IMG_1459 (1).jpgFollowing his time in Austin, Texas, Davy Rennie, experience design director, The White Agency is covering the Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, exclusively for Campaign Brief.

Adobe Summit - Day 3

16 days.

7 flights.

2 Cities.

2 Conferences

1 or 2 beers.

Millions of ideas.

As I arrive at my last full day of conferences, my body is crying out for Northern Beaches sea air, a good coffee and good food. My mind, on the other hand, is bursting with new ideas and inspiration.
Whilst 'Unfiltered' in name, this tour has really been an exploration into the world of Experience design. I've never been so confident in my career choice, and I hope this inspires many others to pursue the path of experience design. My drum is going strong, and it gets louder with the new buzzword for business: H2H, or human to human.

Today's a little different: less Adobe, more inspiration. In the first session of Day Three, we are presented to by the EVP of Marketing from NBA, Ryan Gosling *doesn't scream*, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Peyton Manning *scream and faints*, and the VP of Sales Marketing from Facebook. Oh and surprise guests, Penn and Teller (adults like magic too kids).

Like something out of Inception, this conference is the ultimate experience of experiences, with surprise and delight aplenty. Adobe argues that the profound resonance of experiences ultimately comes down to their ability to trigger an emotion. It is essential, therefore, that experience design focuses almost exclusively upon human emotion, and abandons cheesy marketing campaigns that promise instant results with minimal effort like the vibrating step, shake weight or General Assembly. Emotion is the currency of experience.

Like the NBA, we see a big shift in talent. No longer is it the teams that are hiring the superstars, they are too. Hybrid specialists, data-minded, computational professionals that help the NBA dominate on and off the court. It's a special time on the war on talent.

IMG_1466 copy (1).jpgListening to Peyton Manning was spectacular. He spoke leadership and purpose, and what made him a successful leader. As I'm currently in the States away from my team in Sydney, I feel guilty, but I'm comforted by the fact that they are all passionate, dedicated and competent designers who will bring the goods irrespective of my presence. Nevertheless, strong, multifaceted design leaders, Manning urges, are chief among the necessary ingredients to generating a fully integrated, self-actualised workplace with an immense pool of talent. I wouldn't disagree *wink*

After Facebook talks content, and the importance and immaturity of business in mobile, Ryan Gosling boldly walks on stage. He talks movies, proves he's an all-round funny/nice guy, whilst the flustered interviewer stutters and bumbles her way through some questions. Overall, it's a hilariously awakened engagement to end the session. He's on point. She's on her way to never talking to people again.

Great session. Great conference. Lots to digest.

Now it's time to reflect, and wrap up tomorrow.

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