Ex Macca's marketer Joe Talcott: The 9 biggest mistakes marketers make in the creative brief

creative-brief-tips-mistakes-joe-talcott-cmo-marketing-810x420.jpgWhat is the most valuable but most neglected tool a marketer has at their disposal to create good work? Is it the latest augmented reality technology? Artificial Intelligence, perhaps? Next generation marketing automation software? Take a step back.

The single most important tool in the creative marketer's arsenal is simpler, more difficult and more fundamental than any of that, according to Joe Talcott. And Talcott -- the former global marketing director for McDonald's responsible for the "I'm lovin' it" positioning the fast food chain still uses today -- should know. These days, he runs a marketing consultancy called Creatism, which aims to help marketers get better work from their partners, and better results from that work.

One of the things he is passionate about is helping marketers to master the art of the creative brief.

"The creative brief is one of the most valuable and paradoxically most neglected tools marketers have to create good work," Talcott says. "I think it's one of the most creative things a marketer can do -- writing the brief.



Sean Cummins said:

Great article and wisdom to savour. Well done Joe.and Lara.

Thank you

Sean Cummins

Garry Horner said:

I was fortunate to work with Joe during my time at DDB when he was Marketing Director at Maccas, he was one of those very rare clients that always championed creativity and is certainly someone who practices what he preaches!

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