Futuro shines light on 'Everyday Heroes' in newly launched #FuturoHero film via Magnum & Co

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.53.42 pm.jpgToday, Futuro Brand from 3M, provider of health supports and braces, launches its latest integrated, content-led campaign, #FuturoHero. The content shines a spotlight on those everyday heroes who wear supports to assist with the pain relief of sore muscles and joints.
Futuro Brand is leveraging the insight that body pain affects 97 per cent of Australians, with over one third viewing body pain as a weakness.[1] Through emotive storytelling, Futuro is encouraging Australians to instead, see pain as sign of strength and not something they have to hide from others.

The campaign kicks off with the 'Everyday Heroes' content piece, conceptualised by Magnum & Co, and produced and filmed by Paper Moose. It follows the journey of a father who strives to remain active for his family. He wears supports and braces to enable his morning jog and his young son who observes from a distance, mistakenly believes them to be part of his father's superhero alter ego.
Attempting to overcome the stigma surrounding pain and discomfort, Futuro is challenging consumers to wear their supports and braces with pride, in the way a superhero would proudly wear their pieces of armour.
Says Harrison Woodhead, director, Paper Moose: "It's always a delight when a concept comes along that really tells a story and makes you feel something. Magnum & Co's 'Everyday Heroes' had a clever brand integration but it also had heart in spades and we fell in love with the idea immediately. The film called for a cinematic approach to the story and visuals which meant working with a great team and the right talent to bring it to life. We're really proud of this piece of content."
Says Belinda Borg, brand manager ANZ, Futuro: "Many Australians who wear supports and braces sometimes see it as a weakness and via our #FuturoHero campaign, we want to encourage them to see it as a sign of strength, less a 'bandage' and more a badge of honour. Our range of Futuro Supports and Braces is designed to relieve pain and help everyday heroes live life to the full."
The content piece, initially housed on Facebook will be supported by a content seeding, social media and influencer marketing strategy led by Magnum & Co.
Client: Futuro Brand
ANZ Brand Manager: Belinda Borg
ANZ Assistant Brand Manager: Alexis Rogers
Director: Harrison Woodhead
Assistant Director: Stuart Beedie
Director of Photography: Kieran Fowler
1st AC: Chris Braga
Art Department: Reese Geronimo & Amber Theron
Production Design:  Reese Geronimo & Amber Theron
Wardrobe:  Reese Geronimo & Amber Theron
Hair & Make up: Sarina Zoe
Grip: David Griffiths
Grip Assist: Lubos Kulich
Gaffer: Tommy Hankinson
Original Art Work: Chris Yee
Gaffer assist: Will Suen
Producer: Jazz Twemlow
Cast - "The dad": Scott Pirlo
Cast - "The son": Taylan Valentine

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