KFC extends its 'Shut Up & Take My Money' campaign with new spots via Ogilvy, Sydney

vlcsnap-2017-03-16-15h52m48s338 (1).jpgKFC has released new spots in its "Shut Up & Take My Money' campaign via Ogilvy Sydney.

The campaign celebrates KFC Value Deals that are "too good to be true" - encouraging consumers to stop what they're doing, and instead indulge in a spontaneous moment of fun.

This chapter of the 'Shut Up & Take My Money' campaign showcases a university janitor playfully teasing a class of students with a $2.50 Chips & Gravy deal from KFC.  The spot shows the janitor cheekily getting his own back on a group of students who muddied his newly polished floors, by sliding past a classroom window (Risky Business style!) enjoying KFC Chips & Gravy, as the students look on with longing.
Says Shaun Branagan, group creative director, Ogilvy: "The 'shut up and take my money' series has been an incredible success, showcasing that no one can resist a finger lickin' good moment once they see the offers we have in store.  Whilst most retail campaigns are moronic and monotonous, this one is designed to sell without the yell, to entertain with story- selling."
Says Annabel Fribence, marketing director, individual meals, KFC: "No one can deny the fact that hot chips can cause food envy more than anything else and as KFC has Australia's best tasting chips, this commercial celebrates the irresistible taste and power of our chips.  As the next instalment of SUATMM this playful execution continues to communicate the fact that our value offers are too good to be true offering you so much more than just a low price."
Annabel Fribence - Marketing Director, Individual Meals
Ashley Hughes - Marketing Manager, Individual Meals
Creative: Ogilvy Sydney
Production: Ogilvy X
Director: Graeme Burfoot
Producer: Jude Lengel
Post production: The Editors
Audio: Sound Reservoir
Head of Broadcast: Rob Spencer
Supervising Producer:  Josh Jenkins
Senior Agency Producer: Peter Hackforth
Group Creative Director: Shaun Branagan
Copywriter: Tristan Viney
Art Director: Carl Robertson
Group Account Director: Katie Dally
Account Director: Jess Farahar
Senior Account Manager: Deborah Tran
Deputy Head of Strategy - Ryan O'Connell 
Senior Strategist - Katharina Vassar
Social Strategist: Jennifer Ngai
Head of Integrated Operations: Jeroen Jedeloo
Digital Producer: Oriane Veron
Senior Production Manager: Paul Baron
Junior Digital Production Manager:  Alex Chapman
Media: Mediacom


Etch said:


Chingy said:

Nailed it. (Again.)

HUH said:

That's stupid, the, 'shut up and take my money' has no context. Somebody saw the line online and thought the young people would like it, so they jammed it in. Stupid

Required said:

I also had a similar idea once that ripped off a different Futurama reference. It involved people saying 'What about Zoidberg?' in random situations. Hilarious if I do say so myself.

Oh and then there was that other idea I had in which people screamed "Citizen Snips!" while being bitted by a crab (I find the more obscure the Futurama reference the better).

Either way, I'm just glad that Young MC is still collecting some royalty payments. He's earnt it.

The Zookeeper said:

How about an elephant that never forgets... to kill?!

Get over it said:

It's a catchphrase, people. IGet over it. Ads are good and as they stand, much better than anything else in the category.

Stop and smell the dog said:

Yes 'get over it' we know you drink the St Leonnards cool aid...these are rubbish, but then again do we expect anything better from these muppets...keep sniffing out YouTube for scrip ideas.

Fuck off said:

These are awesome and we all know it (no, it doesn't need the catchphrase, but you've gotta sell in "millennials will love it" to the client somehow).

It's all been said already said:

What everybody else said.

I feel sorry for you poor bastards out at St Leonards said:

This work is about as good as the food from Subway at St Leonards... and the quote 'this one is designed to sell without the yell'...ffs you people.

Good news everyone! said:

Required has nailed it.

@Required said:

If you're thinking about teaching this industry a lesson in love for Futurama references, I have to warn you. It suffers from a very sexy learning disability.

I call it sexlexia.

Still love it said:

Still cuts through. 10/10

My way said:

What is the janitors real name, it's bugging me. I dont want to know all the peoples name from ad agency it's a wonder they don't list his name

Annoyed said:

The most annoying ad in Tv, get rid of it.

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