KFC tells a tale of two mates and a creepy cat for the new Original Recipe Stacker Burger via Ogilvy

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.42.54 am.jpgTwo mates and a creepy cat vie for KFC's new Original Recipe Stacker Burger in a humorous new campaign launched this week by Ogilvy Sydney.

Running for the next four weeks, the campaign aims to remind KFC lovers that the new special release burger (which combines two KFC fan favourites - the Original Recipe Burger and the 'Stacker' concept) is simply "The Chicken You Love, In a Bun".

Says Shaun Branagan, group creative director, Ogilvy Sydney: "When everyone - even the creepy cat next door- wants to get their paws on a KFC Original Stacker, then things go from good to bad to ugly."

KFC burger 2 (1).jpgBranagan said the film features two mates devouring their burgers in their living room, who then notice a cat from across the road get closer and closer, before eventually landing on one of the mates' laps looking longingly up at the burger.  How did he get KFC burger 3 (1).jpgthere?  "No-one knows........" said Branagan.

Outdoor Posters and digital placements will also provide the perfect opportunity to show the Original Recipe Stacker in all its delicious glory, also utilising with the campaign position of "The Chicken You Love, In a Bun".

Says Annabel Fribence, marketing director, individual meals: "This campaign is all about desire and crave.  Original Recipe is our signature finger lickin good chicken. With two stacked Original Recipe fillets we had no choice but to celebrate the undeniable desire this burger elicits.  No one, man, woman or cat can escape it." 

Annabel Fribence - Marketing Director, Individual Meals
Ashley Hughes - Marketing Manager, Individual Meals
Creative: Ogilvy Sydney
Production: Ogilvy X
Director - Josh Logue
Sound - Electric Sheep

Head of Broadcast - Rob Spencer
Supervising Producer - Josh Jenkins
Senior Agency Producer - Peter Hackforth
Group Creative Director:  Shaun Branagan
Copywriter: Joshua Parmenter
Art Director: Seamus Fagan
Group Account Director: Katie Dally
Account Director: Jess Farahar
Account Manager: Bridget Yeates
Deputy Head of Strategy - Ryan O'Connell
Senior Strategist - Katharina Vassar
Lead Social Strategist: Jennifer Ngai
Digital Producer: Oriane Veron
Senior Production Manager: Paul Baron
Junior Digital Production Manager:  Alex Chapman
Media: Mediacom


Yes! THis! said:

Soooo much better than "Shut up and take my money."

Kongratulations said:

Hands down the best collection of work done over the last 12 months in Australia. Consistently good for a bland product that was mired in retail madness.

Periodontist said:


WHAT!??! said:

This is shite.

...inspired by this.


unoriginal, unlikeable.

Branners, I'd expect better from you.

Mr Logic (he's a pain in the bum) said:

That's the worst stuffed/toy cat I've ever seen.

And it doesn't pass the logic test. Cats like chicken, and they're not fussy about whether or not it's cooked.

The KFC work is all over the place - like a mad cat's shit.

@WHAT!??! said:

Are you being sarcastic? The behaviour that cats stalk is hardly new, or an idea. They've been doing it for tens of thousands of years. This ad isn't about inventing cat behaviour, it's about cats wanting fucking KFC.

And its well directed. Good talent. Nice music adapt. I watched the whole thing and laughed. In 18 months time KFC will be overtaking Hungry Jacks and McDonald's, just like ALDI did.

If people think this is shite I'd like to hear what other thoughts anyone has on retail ads in Australia that are currently, and consistently good. Please, do tell.

sylvianne heim said:

Great casting. Really important to see Koori guy pretty much in lead role.

Decent said:

Tough to get anything decent out for KFC so I'd say well done.

Yep said:

Is good. Only improvement would be to ditch the western soundtrack for something less expected. @What Bit of a stretch mate, you seem a bit sad, need a hug?

Nice One said:

Not terrible, all things considered, lucky to have gotten that up.

Love it said:

Bitterness from those losers in melbourne

Fuck the haters said:

I've worked for Shaun before and he's a decent bloke.

This spot is good. My only two cents:
52 seconds isn't going to work with a jury
You can lose the shot of the cat up on his knee. Don't need it.

Rest of it is gold. Soundtrack actually makes it funnier (saw it without sound earlier today. Music really works).

Well done on getting something good out in Australia. It's a very dry, barren place creatively at the moment and the more good that comes out, the better it is for the industry:

Phil S said:

Not sure if it's an allegiance because Shaun was my first CD, but how good is the KFC work compared to what it used to be?

Zingers all round.

(And a great lesson from Old School Y&R/Mattingly to make retail interesting).

Groucho said:

Two things I love about this : it's single minded, and it's too smart for the really dumb negative commentors

Hold your horses... said:

Easy there everyone... Its a step in the right direction, but nothing to get excited about...

There's no punchline.

The cat gets progressively closer and closer. Until its on the guys knee- and then:

The end.

Not quite finished?

Haters got nuthin' said:

It's pretty good. I enjoyed it.

If you're hating on this, you're pretty pathetic.

Almost said:

Good idea - crappy cg cat

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