Melbourne advertising creatives to donate time and talent at Good For Nothing event on April 8

Good for Nothing_1 (1).jpgOn 8 April, 60 Melbourne advertising creatives will donate a day of their time to help accelerate the impact of social enterprise projects that may not otherwise afford high-end marketing and design expertise.

At the Good For Nothing event, volunteers will work on projects from local social enterprises Food Justice Truck and StreetSmart.
Good for Nothing_2 (1).jpgSays Brigitte Dagg and Taryn Atkinson, Melbourne co-founders, Good For Nothing: "Good for Nothing is a fantastic way for some of Melbourne's top advertising experts, strategists and creatives to give back in a way that utilises their skills and expertise. It's amazing what you can accomplish in one day with so much talent in the room.

"These organisations will benefit from work Good for Nothing_4 (1).jpgthat they would otherwise pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for."

Good For Nothing originated in London and currently runs events in 43 locations across the world, from New York to Cape Town. Volunteers donate their time and expertise to further the ambitions of local social enterprises.

In organising this Melbourne event, Good For Nothing has received overwhelming support from the Melbourne business community. Sponsors supporting the event include IBM, Carlton Connect Initiative, Wunderman Bienalto, Brunetti, Snappr Photography, Sample Beer and Naked Life Soft Drinks.

For those interested in participating there is still time to sign up. Like-minded strategists, coders, designers, copywriters and filmmakers can register at


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