Myer and Clemenger to unveil Catwalk to Cart live mobile experience on the VAMFF runway show

Catwalk to Cart (1).jpgLaunching tonight, on the 17th March 2017 at Myer's VAMFF runway show, 'Catwalk to Cart' will be the first time any fashion brand in the world has enabled attendees of a runway show to shop a catwalk live from their seat.

Built to deliver a direct sales outcome, 'Catwalk to Cart' is an idea that provides a new channel through which fashion brands can commercialise the significant investments they make in positional runway shows.

Says Michael Scott, EGM brand and marketing at Myer: "We've seen many brands try and deliver direct sales outcomes from their runway shows. Shoppable videos and live-streaming are now commonplace, but the user experience is often clunky, integrating multiple products within a fast-moving video is hard and handing off to e-commerce carts has been problematic. Getting runway show audiences to buy product has been a challenge all fashion brands have been looking to solve for some time. It's really exciting that through 'Catwalk to Cart' we've been able to solve this."
Catwalk to Cart window (1).jpgBy logging on to a purpose-built web experience, attendees at Myer's show will be able to see contextual information about outfits featured in the show on their mobile phones. As a model approaches, their outfit will automatically appear allowing the attendees at the show to quickly save items of interest in a personalized wish-list using a 'tinder-style' (swipe left/right) interface. At the end of the show, attendees can review their wish-list and transfer products they want to buy directly to the shopping cart on for purchase.

Every attendee's experience will be perfectly timed so as a model comes into view, the corresponding outfit appears on their phone. Myer's VAMFF runway is a 280 metre loop around Myer Melbourne's womenswear department so ensuring that each of the 2000 attendees' mobile phones sync perfectly with the model that is nearest them has been a complex undertaking.

Says Chris James, ECD digital, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne: "Each item in the show has been carefully selected, photographed, assigned to a model and uploaded on to the mobile web destination. This allows us to augment a personalised experience to users' phones without having to build an app. More importantly, by simplifying the user experience we've removed a number of barriers to getting people through to the checkout".

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 7.11.55 am (1).jpgAfter the show, Myer will be rolling out the same 'Catwalk to Cart' mechanic across oOh!media's digital screens around Melbourne and in Myer Melbourne's windows. A looped video of the show will be displayed on these screens with specific call to actions explaining how passers-by can interact using their mobile phones (in the same way attendees of the show did). As at the show, the outfit displayed on a customer's mobile phone will correspond exactly with the outfit the model is wearing in the video. As the models and outfits on the video change, so do the outfits displayed on customer's mobile phones.

Says Brendon Cook, CEO, oOh!media: "This campaign sets a new benchmark for Out Of Home and mobile engagement and will amplify the one-day event over a few weeks in the heart of Melbourne's fashion precinct. The fashion parade will be a visually stunning broadcast from oOh!'s 6-storey high Bourke Street Mall digital billboard and on digital screens inside the Emporium. Thousands of shoppers will be impacted who are actively looking for fashion inspiration, which will help drive sales both online and in-store."

Client: Myer
Executive General Manager, Brand & Marketing: Michael Scott
GM Marketing Strategy & Communications: Kellie Lennon
Digital Experience & Product Development Specialist: Robbie Tutt
National creative Lead - Mish Norris
Event Specialist - Laura Knight

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Chief Creative Officer: Ant Keogh
Executive Creative Director, Digital: Chris James
Executive Creative Director, Myer: Helen James
Creative Director, Myer: Tania DeMasi
Managing Director, Myer: Simon Lamplough
Director of Digital: Ben Kidney
Director of Retail: Pippa O'Regan
Operations Director, Myer: Sharon Adams
Senior Producer: Scott Chapman
Head of Digital Production: Christian Russell
Digital Producer: Maryne Muroni
Account Director: Tina Fouyaxis
Senior Designer: Adam Hengstberger
Design: Kirsty Briggs
Design: Gemma Wilson
Lead Developer: Luke Deylen
Front-end Developer: Todd Armstrong
Tester: Sonali Bhattacharya
Media: Ikon & oOh!Media


AM said:

'The first time any fashion brand in the world has enabled attendees of a runway show to shop a catwalk live from their seat.'

No it isn't

@AM said:

Think you've missed the point.

Burberry's show featured outfits that were available in stores and online. Big deal.

Burberry didn't have a mobile interface that allowed the audience to explore each outfit as a model walked by, then choose their size and buy that item.

I'm all for hating on the overuse of world firsts but this is kinda smart.

Fact check yoself before you wreck yoself said:

Not only not the first, but not the first in Aus:(2015)’s-shoppable-catwalk

@Fact check yoself said:

Unlike that Macquarie thing.....
This isn't an App based experience, it's a web based one.
It showcases models looks in real time, not in a pre-determined or music-triggered way. Everyone's experience is personalized based on where they are sitting.
And most importantly it pushes direct to an e-commerce cart. You can but an item right there and right then. Not get sent off to some far flung corner of a tired shopping centre.

You must have missed the show. Go check out the experience in Myer Melbourne's windows now, or on one of oOh!media's lovely big outdoor sites.


Hang on... said:

Didn't DT win an award for a shoppable live stream of Myer's runway event in 2012 or was it 2013? In any case... this isn't a world first. It's an evolution not a revolution. I bet they sold ZERO.

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