NAB shows commitment to customers in latest 'More than money' TV spots via Clems Melbourne

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.24.15 am.jpgFollowing the launch of NAB's new brand promise 'More than money' in July last year, NAB and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have launched more work to support the brand promise, demonstrating how NAB are committed to understanding what's important to their customers.

The TVCs ask the audience to participate in an 'experiment' of looking at the last 5 photos on their camera roll. By doing this, NAB wants to remind people about what they value more than money - this could be anything - moments with family, enjoying a hobby or time with a pet.

Andrew Knott, chief marketing officer, NAB, said the latest campaign is a great way of showing that NAB understand that our customers need to feel valued and supported: "Our latest Brand campaign does a brilliant job at prompting people to reflect on what is important in their lives. It is by understanding what is important to our customers that ensures we can help them get to where they want to go."

James McGrath, creative chairman, Clemenger BBDO, said the campaign is an exciting demonstration of more than money: "Following launch last year, we are proud as NAB's communications partner, to create such an engaging campaign that really shows commitment from NAB for their new brand promise. This isn't just a campaign, but brand body language."

The campaign rolled out nationally through TV, digital, social and outdoor media from Sunday 26th March.

View the campaign hub.

Client: NAB
Chief Marketing Officer: Andrew Knott
GM, Brand & Product Marketing: Michael Nearhos
Head of Group Brand: Faycal Ben Abdellaziz
Manager, Brand & Sponsorship Communications: Kelly Richardson
Senior Consultant Brand & Sponsorship Communications: Carla Beresford
Consultant Brand & Sponsorship Communications: Kate Joiner
Analyst, Brand & Sponsorship Communications: Alexander Erkiet
Manager, Brand Identity: Susanna Hondrokostas
Digital and Social Consultant, Brand and Sponsorship: Shahn Welsh

Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Group Account Director: Ben Knighton
Account Director: Freya Page
Account Manager: Joel Morgan
Head of CRM: Gayle While
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Chief Creative Officer: Ant Keogh
Creative Director: Luke Thompson
Creative Director: Rohan Lancaster
Senior Planner: Sam Mackisack
Executive Producer: Sonia von Bibra
Senior Producer - Print: Craig Bullman
Agency Producer - Digital: Julie Galinas
Director: Shaughn Crawford & John Du Bois
DOP / Cinematographer: Shaughn Crawford & John Du Bois
Editor: Andrew Packer
Grade Artist: Mike McCall
Flame Artist: Andrew Packer
Music track & artist: Lullatone - The Best Airplane Ever
Music Production Company: Level Two Music
Photographer: Shaughn Crawford & John Du Bois
Retoucher: Mike McCall
Post Production Company: Finish
Producer: Selin Yaman
Production Company: Flare Productions
Sound Designer/Engineer: Paul LeCouter
Sound House: Flagstaff
Casting: Sugar Casting


Ron said:

I'd argue this entire positioning went down the gurgler when NAB lifted their rates outside of the market conditions proving that, to them, it is indeed all about the money.
As such, this campaign now simply highlights how disingenuous the organisation is.
It's good work from the agency, but NAB simply don't deliver on it.

Nothing to do with money said:

The last 5 pictures on my phone:

1. Me (coquettish pose)

2. A can of Turkish orange soft-drink.

3. A FA18 Hornet flying over Melbourne.

4. An oil stain on my garage floor.

5. A Triumph cafe racer motorcycle

So much for the NAB Theory.

Post your last 5.

Canon Trump said:

Not sure those last photos on your phone were actually taken with a phone? #FakeFotos

last 5 said:

last 5
1. Dog
2. Dog
3. Photo of a photo of my kid ( I think he took it himself)
4. My kid and my dog
5. A hollywood star looking at my wang (sort of true I have the pic to prove it)

Last 5 said:

1. Black Screen (don't remember taking this, but it's the last one in there)
2. Photo of a photo for type reference
3. Photo of a book cover for lols
4. Screen shot of my home screen (don't remember taking it)
5. Coffee label for reference

Last 5 said:

1. Meme
2. Meme
3. Meme
4. Meme
5. Meme

Theory checks out.

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