New Holland Creative appoints Innocean Australia's Tania Templeton to EP role

IMG_3387_retouch2 (1).jpgAfter 6 years as head of broadcast and content at Innocean Worldwide, Tania Templeton joins New Holland to run and help grow the award-winning design and motion business.

Says Brendan Savage, creative director and founder of New Holland: "We are thrilled to have Tania join us at New Holland Creative as we continue to grow. Her respect within the industry, agency experience and her passion for the creative process, combined with quality production, makes it a match made in heaven."

Templeton studied at the New York Film School where she established her love for film, before relocating to Sydney to start her career with Animal Logic. With this strong foundation in motion design and vfx, she was enticed to cross over to the agency side where she joined JWT as a senior agency producer. Her fascination in blending technology and creativity saw her join Spinifex where she produced visual material for high-end events such as the Olympic Games in Beijing, and the then emerging world of VR for global clients.
This was followed by successful tenures at Havas before her most recent role at Innocean Australia producing award-winning campaigns for Hyundai and Kia.

Says Templeton: "Brendan and the team at New Holland Creative are super talented and super nice. The opportunity to join them has come at the perfect time. I love their vision for a high end studio with an emphasis on design and creative direction and the way they have embraced this vision. The way they collaborate with clients who want to explore the full spectrum of graphic design, concept development, animation and project supervision is refreshing. I'm really looking forward to getting back to my roots of design and cg and working with these guys to see just how far we can take this young creative company. It's going to be a lot of fun."


Tilly said:

Congratulations New Holland. Great Hire!

CK said:

Great news! You'll be great TT, lucky New Holland!

Rua said:

Great hire guys. Tania is awesome!

Douglas said:

Top hire and top company!

DK said:

Brilliant TT. You'll be great with Brendan. So pleased for you.

Real DK said:

Now this is real news! Killing it.

Really Real DK said:

Nice one TT

Ned Kelly said:

Great hire for Savage and New Holland. Hopefully TT will gain some respect for post production artists and the lack of budgets for post now.

Crampy said:


Monique said:

Congratulations New Holland and TT. Looking forward to seeing some amazing work.

Jaded said:

If you'd posted a picture of a meal on Facebook you couldn't have got a bunch of more glowingly supportive, positive comments.

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