Ogilvy Melbourne expands its creative team with a series of new promotions and appointments

Sharon Josh (1).jpgOgilvy Melbourne has announced a series of promotions and new hires to accommodate its business growth, promoting a number of senior people and welcoming new creative talent.

Sharon Condy (left) and Josh Murrell (right) have been promoted to creative directors, reporting to executive creative director David Ponce de León.

Condy and Murrell moved to Ogilvy from AJF in 2015, and have held creative roles at Grey, CHE and DDB Group Melbourne; picking a raft of creative awards for their efforts at international shows including Cannes, Spikes Asia and AWARD.
Says Ponce de León: "Sharon and Josh have been part of every successful new business pitch we had in the last 18 months. In addition, they've also been responsible for some of our most successful brand launches. They are humble, hard-working, down-to-earth and collaborative. They are the embodiment of Ogilvy's quiet achiever. They are seasoned professionals and their promotion is very much deserved."

Alex Karsten (1).jpgKarsten Jurkschat (left) and Alex Little (right) have also been promoted to senior art director and senior copywriter, respectively.

Says Ponce de León: "The boys have been quite busy making waves since their start as a creative team here at Ogilvy with some of our biggest brands, including the AAMI SmartPlates innovation project. Their attention to detail, craftsmanship and passion for the work is outstanding. They've also been regular new business contributors, so it was only fair they were provided with a bigger canvas in which to leave their mark."

In the last year, Ogilvy Melbourne has added Priceline, Lion, BP, Fletcher Building Group, Mondelez and The Melbourne Convention Bureau to its client roster, in addition to a number of Victorian Government and digital projects.

Says Gavin MacMillan, managing partner of Ogilvy Melbourne: "As we prepare for another year of growth, it was evident to all of us in the Melbourne leadership team that we needed additional depth to our creative offering. They were all obvious choices. I'm very proud that we were able to promote from within our existing ranks, and we look forward to see them all grow into their new roles."

Ogilvy Melbourne has also recently added four new creatives to its department, teams Carly Dallwitz and Sue Lorenz plus Zac Blakemore and Grga Calic, who will work through the line across the entire client portfolio.

Says Ponce de León: "I am thrilled to welcome an exceptional group of young creatives to our team and to promote some of our outstanding talent to help lead the creative department. I'm certain they will all help us continue our upward trajectory in new business, effectiveness and creativity. I believe Ogilvy Australia currently hosts some of Australia's most exciting talent across disciplines and I'm immensely proud to be part of this winning team."


Skarby said:

Congrats, guys. Great news.

Sideways said:

Internal promotions with some interns slipped in underneath?

Sadways said:

Hi Sadways, you sad, sad loser. What interns are you talking about? And yes, this story is all about internally promoting great, deserving, accomplished talent, something that you quite obviously don't possess. Because, if you did, you wouldn't be putting down these people. And, you probably would be employed. Get a life, you resentful has been/never was. You'll keep reading about all of these guys for years to come.

Manimal said:

Well done guys! Onwards and upwards:)

Nice one said:

Well done Josh and Sharon. Humble, hardworking and talented. Great to see people like this win the jobs and respect they deserve!

sydney bro said:

well done guys. love your work and also you're wonderful people. sure there are a bunch of creatives happy about having these guys on top. god speed

Jones said:

Congrats to all four of you. Quality, creative human beings.

Ex-DDB Melbourne said:

Well done Sharon and Josh.

Katy Le Gall said:

Sharon! Josh! Alex! Well done all three of you. Brilliant news! It was a pleasure working with you all during our AJF days. You're ace.

Katy Le Gall said:

Sharon! Josh! Alex! Well done all three of you. Brilliant news! It was a pleasure working with you all during our AJF days. You're ace.

Sideways back @ Sadways said:

That's a rather cutting personal attack mate. My comment didn't actually put anyone down. Rather it was about a very common situation where any new positions created are junior while other get a title raise. As a result salaries are in free fall. That should be concerning for all in the industry. Sorry to be a bore on this post. Congratulations to all concerned, sounds like they deserve it.

Sadways Schmadways said:

This is very rare. Someone actually coming back to the blog to apologise. You know what, kudos to you. Rather than staying in the comfortable blanket of anonymity, you've decided to come back and explain your position. That attitude deserves another explanation. First of all, salaries are not in free fall. They've been stagnant for a long time, but they are not 'free falling'. And it's not because of 'title raises' and 'junior hiring'. But because clients are asking for 10 times more work for a quarter of what they used to pay 20 years ago. As a result, agencies had to adapt or go broke. There's a brilliant book out at the moment called 'Madison Avenue Manslaughter' by Michael Farmer. It's all in there. Advertising agencies are caught between fee-cutting clients and profit-hungry owners. How do agencies generate profit margins under these circumstances? Through downsizing, salary freezes and 'juniorizing.' However, it is fair to say, that at 100k plus for a senior creative, adland it's not the worst place to be. Specially for the skill set required in comparison to other white collar professions. Even compared to design agencies and brand consultancies, it is a peachy job, and if you're good, the sky is the limit. It might be the case that, back then, advertising people were obscenely overpaid and only now is all catching up with us. The era of the ponytail and the Porsche firmly over. Welcome beards and fixed gear bikes.

Al said:

Nice one Sharon & Josh! Big up!

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