Pedigree helps parents move on after their kids move out with The Pedigree Child Replacement Programme via Colenso BBDO, New Zealand

treehouse (1).jpgPedigree and Colenso BBDO have taken a hilariously blunt approach to adoption by creating a campaign that pairs abandoned dogs with abandoned parents.

The Pedigree Child Replacement Programme aims to connect adoption dogs with parents who find themselves alone after their kids move out.

The integrated campaign drives parents to where they can find the perfect canine substitute for their child, cheekily suggesting, 'When your kids move out, move on'. Parents who adopt can even send in their child's old possessions and Pedigree will turn them into new possessions for their dog.

scared (1).jpgEmpty Nesters (parents who find themselves living alone) often suffer from a sense of grief and loneliness when their children leave home. The Pedigree Child Replacement Programme gives parents the chance to bring the companionship, admiration, and unconditional love back Child_replacement (1).jpginto their lives just by adopting a dog.

Says Cormac van den Hoofdakker, marketing manager of Pedigree: "A dog can bring so much love, laughter and affection into a house. They bring out the best in you and fill your life with joy, just like kids do, only unlike kids they won't grow up and move to London for boat (1).jpgwork. We really hope we can get more dogs out of shelters and into homes that need them"

Animal shelters around the country are full of dogs needing a home. At the same time, thanks to the country's aging population, more than half of all New Zealanders are living in a household of two or less.

Says Says Ahmadbook (1).jpg Salim, business director at Colenso BBDO: "All over the country there are parents sitting in quiet houses lamenting how quickly their kids grew up. At the same time there are dogs sitting in shelters longing for homes. We're excited to connect the two."

The Pedigree Child Replacement Programme will target Empty Nesters through TV, digital, radio, press, as well as having a presence at the departure terminal of field (1).jpgAuckland's International Airport.

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Mars NZ
Marketing Director - Oliver Downs - MARS NZ
Marketing Manager - Pet - Cormac van den Hoofdakker - MARS NZ
Brand Manager - Dog & Specialty - Maria Granados - MARS NZ

Prod/Film Company: Exit
web1 (1).jpgFilms
Director: Adam Gunser
Sound Design: Franklin Road

Media Agency: Starcom NZ
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This is great said:

and it should be highly successful in solving two problems. Bravo.

Dan O said:

Very good! Print's great too.

I want to work there. said:

all the way to cannes.

... said:

Why the american VO?

Steve Dodds said:

Good stuff.

As for the VO, these kinds of spots always sound better in American.

Juries like it too.

Rob said:

Yet more great work from Colenso.

Dammit said:

This is very good. I feel the envy monster growing.

Cannes cannes cannes said:

Beer bottle sand, the milk films and now this. Just when you thought it'd be a quiet year for Colenso. Will Y&R back up McWhopper?

Fuckers said:

Awesome work. Fuckers

Well Done said:

Well done.

Sincerely, Well Done.

Spin said:

Love the idea. Love the print. TV doesn't feel quite right - it's talking to the kids, not the parents; should be the other way around. Don't dig the VO either - feels derivative. But this certainly deserves to win in other categories.

Relentlessly Negative said: good campaign. Very good.

Sydders said:

The dog on the bed one was good. The narrator is American I imagine because its that overly sincere style you often get in that market played ironically in this case to make the twist work? Print is nice.

DK said:

Love the print. Absolutely love it. Best print I've seen in ages.

VO: said:

They've always used that VO for Pedigree. And a few other clients I think.

Mid weight strategist said:

This is the best thing I've seen in a long time.

So brilliant. So so brilliant.

Green with envy. So so green.

CJ said:

Love it

KH said:

Spin: The VO is talking to the kids yes, but in talking to the kids in the way that it does, it speaks volumes to the empty nester. Therein lies the skill of an excellent copywriter.

Old CD Guy said:

It's good to see what happens when people who love advertising and love their craft are allowed free-range to flex their professional muscles.

That these people even exist in today's world warms the cockles of my heart.

Like all great work, an idea like this looks easy and obvious.

Nice one said:

The print is great, much better than the tv which feels a bit forced.

Great great great said:

These guys should be very proud. Print is perfect, radio works, but I LOVE the TV. The bait is an accurate depiction of hyper emotional advertising cheese we all know and the switch is delicately subtle that doesn't overdo the punchline. Spot on.

Great great great said:

The TV is spot on! Love it. Great reflection of the cheesy ads we all know, tuned on it's head in a measured well delived reveal. Congratulations guys.

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