Perfume brand Map of The Heart, created by production company Velvet chosen to exhibit at Pierre Dinand Retrospective at Liberty in London

Velvet_PierreDinand_1.jpgPerfume brand, Map of The Heart, created by Jeffrey Darling's production company Velvet, has been chosen to exhibit at the Pierre Dinand Retrospective at Liberty in London.

Master perfume bottle designer Pierre Dinand's career has spanned 50yrs and seen him work with every major fashion house in the world, from Dior to Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein, he has created some of the most iconic bottles of all time. Trained as an architect, followed by a career as an advertising creative, Dinand's designs continue to push the boundaries of traditional perfume bottles.

His work with Map of The Heart challenges the conventions of fragrance bottle design with its irregular and asymmetrical shaped signature of an anatomical heart.

Says Dinand: "I think out of nearly 1000 bottles I made, it has been the most difficult bottle to achieve.  The result is absolutely outstanding.  People like it or hate it, but I like the controversy."

Dinand has chosen the Map of The Heart bottle as one of his favourite 30 flacons to exhibit in a retrospective at Liberty in London.  The exhibition will show from 30th March to 4th April, followed by Barney's in New York and Los Angeles.

Click here to watch an interview with Pierre Dinand by Jeffrey Darling.

Click here to visit the Map of The Heart website.

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