Powerball hijacks the F1 in newly launched 'Lap of Luxury' outdoor stunt via GPY&R Brisbane

001 (1).jpgPowerball has given F1 fans a taste of what it's like to live in the lap of luxury in an adrenaline-fuelled outdoor stunt by GPY&R Brisbane.
After winning a social competition, three fans and their friends were whisked away in limos to a surprise location. They believed they were kicking off the Grand Prix weekend with a luxurious race day experience. That was until their limos pulled up to the starting line.

002 (1).jpgSays Ben Johnson, brand portfolio manager at the Lott: "Powerball is all about big jackpots and big dreams. Through activations like the Powerball Lap of Luxury, we want to inspire Australians to imagine how their lives could change if they won."
Powerball upped the ante and raced the three limos around the 003 (1).jpgtrack. After flying canap├ęs to the face, and one too many spilt drinks, the friends scored tickets to the 2017 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix.
Says Brendan Greaney, ECD, GPY&R Brisbane: "We knew millions of eyeballs would be glued to the big race. We thought we'd divert a few of them with an alternative race, done in true Powerball style."
The Lott
Head of Demand Generation: Andrew Shepherd
General Manager - Marketing (Lotteries): Jill Every
Brand Portfolio Manager - Oz Lotto & Powerball: Ben Johnson
Brand Manager - Oz Lotto & Powerball: Kimberley Garner
GPY&R Brisbane
Executive Creative Director: Brendan Greaney
Creatives: Joshua Bartlett, Miguel Gadea, Ash Kennedy
Head of Digital Planning: Andrew Kolb
Senior Account Director: Lucy Flower
Broadcast and Content Producer: Sarah Ferrier
Production Director: Michelle Short
The Producers
Director: Tov Belling
Producer: Noelle Jones


Does anyone else care? said:

Question - Whilst it looks fun for the people involved, I'm confused to as to why anyone else would find it fun to watch someone else doing this? ... Guess it doesn't matter as it will be shoved down by throat as a pre-roll, and everyone will hi-five at the number of views (video starts) achieved.

Ben said:

Not sure what F1 has to do with it, or why anyone would want to be made car sick and covered in food and booze as a reward?

Picked it said:

You smashed it with Picture Pick. Oh look there are the same creatives again...maybe they actually did work on this one

I for one... said:

... thought it was hilarious. Well done.

Money can't buy said:

This idea has Brisbane and Bogan at its heart
Made the world a poorer place for its existence

Eric said:

This is actually pretty different for the category. Using Content and PR, low fi production - smart...

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