Roadshow promotes new Kong film with giant skull at Southern Cross Station in new activation

Kong Skull Island Skull 1 (1).jpgTo mark today's release of 'Kong: Skull Island', JCDecaux and Roadshow have partnered to deliver the largest ever, fully immersive activation at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne's CBD.

From 6 - 13 March 'Kong will be King' at Southern Cross Station with a giant 6m x 3.75m x 3.2m skull replica dominating the entrance to the station.

For the entire month of March, Southern Cross station will be transported to a place where myth and science meet. Large scale banners cascading from the station roof, accompanied by digital content on large format 4:3 digital screens, will dominate the space - creating a fully immersive environment that introduces commuters to the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes.

Kong Skull Island Skull 9 (1).jpgProviding proof that monsters exist, audiences have the opportunity to pose for a photo with the giant replica skull. By using the #KongSkull hashtag, user-generated images will instantly appear as dynamic digital content on the landmark water tower clock that features at Southern Cross Station through JCDecaux's SmartContent platform.

Station Dom 4 (1).jpgSays Alan Klein, head of creative solutions, JCDecaux: "This is an exciting first for us. The unmissable activiation provides the perfect opportunity to showcase how traditional Out-of-Home can be augmented with mobile interaction. The dynamic, user-generated, activity on the Clock highlights the immediacy and responsiveness of our digital screens."

Says Age Conte, product marketing manager, Roadshow: "A big part of our campaign is about bringing the world of Kong to life in a way that allows consumers to experience the overwhelming scale of Skull Island and the monsters who rule it. A domination of Southern Cross Station provided the perfect high traffic, big expansive spaces to do exactly that."

The skull will be dominating the entrance to Southern Cross Station from 6 - 13 March, with the Station Domination live until March 19.

Client: Roadshow
Media Agency: OMD
Creative Agency: JCDecaux Creative Solutions 


Required said:

Killing a gigantic gorilla and parading its skull around to promote your film is just distgusting.

And that hashtag, #KongsKull, it's just rubbing in the fact that you're thinning out the numbers of gigantic gorillas.

You people are barbaric.

Human said:

Chill out @Required. It's big and it got my attention. Job done. Sure, all the 'fully immersive activation' stuff is nonsense. But who really gives a s***?

...umm said:

@Human... do you sarcasm much?

Copy Desk said:

This is great. Very hard to ignore, fun, great for selfies and social feeds. Kids will love it. Not sure about the digital activation add-ons. All seems a bit hard. So I can take a selfie or do I have a picture taken and then hashtag it and my picture something water tower something fell asleep. But all up, great thought and execution. I'm going to go see it. The giant skull, not the movie.

Oh, and that link's broken. Try this:

Account Circus said:

@Sorry guys been done

You seen the Kong trailer yet, mate? You'd get the reason for this skull if you had.

Sorry guys been said:

it's the same execution except the beach one is cooler because it's on the beach where a lot of fossils are found, but you never read the article did you.

Sorry guys been done said:

May have been cool if it was done in New York to ad to the drama but it was done in Australia, if somehow there was a connection between oz and the movie then cool. Creatively you get no points, be interesting if this increases anything?


You juniors need to go back to your brochures. It's an activation to promote a film, that is showing in Australia. Having it on an isolated beach, or placing it in New York are novel ideas, but.... Advertising 101.

Max said:

Really informative.

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