Simone Brandse and Kimmie Neidhardt announce launch of Sydney-based creative agency Burd

Burd PR Photo (1).jpgSydney-based creative agency Burd has announced its official opening. Founded by Simone Brandse (left) and Kimmie Neidhardt (right), in the past year alone Burd has worked on campaigns for clients including Australian Geographic Stores, Specialty Fashion Group and domestic violence charity, RizeUp.

Brandse and Neidhardt each have more than 17 years industry experience working on brands like Air New Zealand, Unilever, Diet Coke, Optus, MTV, Bankwest and Tooheys Extra Dry. Burd partners with agencies and brands direct.
Their work has been consistently awarded at major festivals - both for creativity and effectiveness, earning Grand Prix awards at Cannes, Spikes Asia, ADMA and The Australian Media Federation Awards, Best in Show at the ECHO awards, and many more accolades at D&AD, One Show, Clio, AWARD, Adfest, New York Festivals, the Effies and the APG Awards.

Says Nicolle Edwards, CEO, RizeUp: "Working with Burd is always a pleasure. A dedicated professional team, Kimmie and Simone are passionate, enthusiastic and committed to helping us grow our brand. They embrace the challenges we face and consistently come up with innovative ideas to engage our market."

Brandse says the agency is already starting to collaborate more closely with brands aiming to forge stronger connections with female led audiences, by offering them insight into how to better create stories that connect more deeply with women.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence. (Forbes, 2015) "And there's no question who is best-equipped to create advertising that 'gets' them," adds Neidhardt. "We've spent an unmentionable number of decades gathering real-life insights into what it means to be the women that buy your products  - because we are those women."

Says Brandse: "The thing that really gives us a buzz is making great work that also works its arse off. So whether you're a brand, or an agency looking for a creative partner with a proven track record, let's chat."

To check out what Burd can do, click here.


Well done! said:

Nice one. Two of the best burds in the bizniz.

(Is that sexist? I didn't name it. And who are you to guess my sex?)

UNKL said:

All the best Kimmie, you legend.

Man said:

Great stuff ladies.

I'm sure that you will kill it.

Director said:

Nice one, Kimmie. One of the nicest and most genuine creatives I've worked with.

Carolyn Starkey said:

Congratulations to a very clever pair of birds. Sharp timing on your launch for IWD.

Simon McCrudden said:

Well done Kimmie.

Go get em said:

Clever birds! Great creative thinkers and great people, congrats ladies.

Dani white said:

Congratulations guys! Such inspiring creatives. I have no doubt burd will be a huge success!

Um.. said:

Remember when Bloke launched and everyone was screaming sexism despite it being a portmanteau of the owners' names? Yeah, well...

Hannah said:

So great to see you guys shouting from the treetops! Well done.

Hannah said:

A great team with brilliant credentials. I'd hire them.

Fauxfemme said:

So will you only be working on female brands? Because you point out that women know women best, in which case men know men best so leave male brands to the them.

Ann Passavanti said:

Good luck from PJ's Mother

Darren said:

Good luck Simone. All the best for your exciting new venture.. Daz

Richo said:

Great move Kimmie and Simone; the industry could use this. Best of luck!

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