[yellow tail] wine launches new light-hearted brand campaign via Common Ventures

6.jpg[yellow tail] wine has launched an Australian brand campaign via full-service agency Common Ventures.

Since arriving on the scene in 2001, [yellow tail] has changed the way people think about and consume wine.  The new above the line campaign aims to reinforce this and serves to remind consumers that wine can be accessible and approachable.

The core campaign idea celebrates [yellow tail]'s light hearted approach to the category, establishing [yellow tail] as a wine for the people.

7.jpgSays Emma Fogarty, brand manager [yellow tail]: "The campaign takes a different approach to communicating about wine. Many wine brands refer to tannins, soils, aromas and flavours but at [yellow tail] we keep it simple for our consumers. That's what the8.jpg campaign idea is all about; we take wine seriously, so they don't have to."

Says Brian Merrifield, Common Ventures: "There's so much snobbery associated with wine - I should know as I'm one of those perpetuating it. However, most Aussies love wine but are intimated by the snobbery some people choose to place upon it.4.jpg Both [yellow tail] and Common Ventures want to make sure that the audience doesn't need to question the quality of the wine so that they can just focus on having a great time."

Says James Crawley, Common Ventures: "Aside from being great fun to work with the [yellow tail] team really know what the brand stands for. To see that5.jpg through with a great director like Ariel Martin from Film Graphics was particularly satisfying."

Common Ventures handled all above the line communications and media strategy for the campaign, comprising of television, press, transit and OOH channels. The campaign has been extended into social media by We Are Social through a content strategy which asks fans to share their own lengthy and superfluous vernacular for everyday items.

Client: Casella Family Brands
Global Marketing Manager: Anna Czarnocka
Brand Manager: Emma Fogarty

Creative and Media Agency: Common Ventures
Head of Strategy: Damian Damjanovski
Executive Creative Director: Brian Merrifield
Creative Leads: James Crawley and Jane Burhop
Junior Copywriter: Daniel Nutman
Senior Account Director: Alex Don
Designers: Tom Nickeas and Logan Muir

Media strategy: Common Ventures
Media buying: Lisa Christie

Social Media: We Are Social

Production Company:  Filmgraphics
Director: Ariel Martin
Producer:  Gabe Hammond
Editor: Charles Ivory
Post Production: Fanatic Films
Music: We Love Jam


Required said:

I viewed this moving picture commercial on my electrified binary magic contraption using my primary visual system organs.

Not bad.

fail. said:

this is absolute rubbish...no insight, crap story, rubbish production values and the most annoying VO i've heard this year. Fail.

Spend your money on making better wine said:

Hey voice over guy, come over here. I've got a pocket you can piss in.

Groucho said:

Tried the wine once. Have to say the quality of the strategy and the execution match the wine. Crap.

Robot Roo said:

So I didn't work then?


It's derivative and a little annoying but it's got some form of idea in it at least, which puts it ahead of 90% of stuff out there. I also can imagine it having some humour for someone out there, and at least they steered away from saying 'Pass the Yellow Tail' and stuck with Pass the Wine.

Verdict: Different for a wine. Could be worse.

And with clients these days: Well done.

Wow. said:

This is trash.

Wait a second said:

I agree with WAIT A MINUTE

Tim said:

It actually has an idea. Not bad, folks!

The goods said:

Me likey

Nicola said:

I hate this ad.
People these days are so rude and it winds me up that you
Can't even say "Please! Pass the wine" I turn it over every time it comes on TV.

Get some manners 'PLEASE!!!'

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