Assignment's Martin Yeoman + Jamie Hitchcock to launch new comms company The Enthusiasts

C64B0362-5C6C-44F3-B815-76E9542A72AE.jpg2732527E-1BC2-4450-A429-B95592A41DD6.jpgAfter seven years working together at NZ agency Assignment Group, managing partner and head of strategy, Martin Yeoman (left) and creative director Jamie Hitchcock (right) are heading out to establish their own communications company to be called The Enthusiasts.

The Enthusiasts will provide ambitious problem solving, built around a deep understanding of the consumer. It will develop ways of working in tune with the needs of today's clients - speed, flexibility, and greater collaboration with internal talent and other partners.

Says Yeoman: "Why the Enthusiasts? It describes the diversity of specialist talent and the attitude that we bring."
Adds Hitchcock: "It also describes the people we want to work with. Enthusiasm is the foundation for great relationships, great work and consumers are drawn to it."

In addition to their seven years working in partnership at Assignment Group, they bring a combined 40 year's communications experience, over every industry sector in various leadership and group management roles.

Both Yeoman and Hitchcock remain committed to Assignment Group until the doors open on June 9, 2017.

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