Atomic 212° opens its own barber shop, offers FREE hair cuts to entire advertising industry

Agency_Creds_March_2017.003.jpgAtomic 212° has opened a barber shop inside its Sydney offices. The agency that doesn't know how to say 'no' to a funky idea has built a fully operational mullet, mop and man-bun slicer, within its Walsh Bay digs.

Even better, any industry folk in the area who want to get a haircut can head on over to the Atomic offices and get themselves a FREE trim.

The barbershop - called 'Tony's Barber Shop' - has been styled in that classic old-timey fashion, with a comfy old school chair, and a décor that is sure to get even the most jaded creative salivating for a snip.
Josh Barber.jpgSays Jason Dooris, chief executive, Atomic 212°: "Why oh why did we build a barbershop? Well, why not?"

Okay, sounds good, but that doesn't really answer the question Mr Dooris. "Who doesn't want an old-school barbershop in their office?"

C'mon Jase. Surely there's some benefit to the barbershop? "Of course there's a benefit. It makes our people happy. It's a topic of conversation. It was a creative outlet. An excuse to be inventive in an agency that prides itself on being inventive.

"Above all it fits into our messaging of putting people first in advertising."

This is not the first time the agency has launched a 'People First in Advertising' initiative and opened it up to the broader industry. Atomic still holds its weekly Yoga on the Wharf sessions every Tuesday morning at 7.30am.

Says Dooris: "There is something quite satisfying about harking back to a forgotten time. Here at Atomic we pride ourselves on our technological prowess, but that doesn't mean we can't indulge in a little bit of analogue creativity.

"So, how did the idea come to fruition? We went around to all the staff and asked everyone to come up with a cool change we could make in the office.

"There were heaps of ideas, but when the barbershop was suggested, we knew we had a winner. The staff absolutely love it."

But this new addition to the Atomic offices is not just for Atomites. It has been opened up to anyone in the industry who wants a free cut.

So, if you want a free haircut, head over to the Atomic offices in Walsh Bay every Wednesday. Probably best if you call or email in advance to make an appointment, because slots have been filling up fast.

Give Atomic a buzz on (02) 9247 8388 to make an appointment or email

The barbershop is located on Level 1, Pier 8-9, 23 Hickson Rd, Millers Point, Sydney. Be sure to bring your business card and pose for a polaroid snap. 


dee madigan said:

Hey instead of free haircuts to people on six figure salaries, maybe you could also give them to ..gee I don't know.....Poor people? Homeless people??

Poor/homeless/whatever said:

Just a bit off the sides, thanks Dee.

Unconscious gender bias said:

Just for the men is it?

Campaign Sledge said:

Dee, please share with us what you do for the homeless near your agency in trendy Myrtle Street, Chippendale.

J. Bailey said:

Assume there's a hairdresser for the women too?

Happy customer said:

@ Unconscious gender bias, @ J. Balley - I've already been there for a trim. The sign outside clearly says the service is for men and women. Great service, funny pictures on the wall. loved it.

hi said:

I find these press releases from Atomic212 hilarious. Did you know there staff are allowed to sit outside too??

I wonder who falls for this shit??

Atomic 21YEEEEEEWWWWW said:

Cool agency alert! Cool agency alert!

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