Breast Cancer Institute asks 'What do you give the woman who gave you everything?' in latest campaign via Play Communications, Agile + Ikon

BCIAMDAppeal.jpgBreast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) has launched its annual Mother's Day Appeal today. The question "What do you give the woman who gave you everything?" is central to the campaign, aiming to encourage Australians to donate to life-saving breast cancer research as a gift to their Mum this year.

WPP AUNZ agencies Play Communications and Agile Content Productions joined forces for creative and content production, with media agency Ikon working with BCIA on the overall media strategy.

The campaign shares the story of three Australians and their mums: Lara, whose mum Cecilia worked tirelessly to support the family; John and his mum Tina, who raised him as a single parent; and finally Krystel, whose mum Karen is a breast cancer survivor and received treatments made possible by clinical trials research funded by BCIA.

The integrated campaign is running across national TV and radio stations, press and digital. More stories about the talent are extending the campaign through BCIA's social media channels. The Scouted have engaged influencers and bloggers such as Jacko Brazier, Sarah Stevenson and Cartia Mallan to spread the message across a broad audience in Australia via Instagram and YouTube."

By engaging award-winning film maker Jennifer Peedom and casting talent with real life stories, the creative output has resulted in raw, emotive video content.

Says Julie Callaghan, general manager of Breast Cancer Institute of Australia: "Working with PLAY, Agile and IKON to bring our new Mother's Day Appeal to life has been wonderful.  They've embraced the concept in a sensitive and inspiring way, helping to both celebrate our mums and highlight why a donation to breast cancer research is so important for all women. Every day in Australia, seven women lose their life to breast cancer. They are our mums, sisters, daughters, grandmothers and friends. Our goal is to save every life but we need help to fund more clinical trials to identify new and more effective breast cancer treatments. We are hoping this new Campaign will inspire Australians to make the best gift of all this Mother's Day."

Says Tom Sanders, creative and strategy director, PLAY: "We all love our Mums, but how often do we really think about how much they have given us? This Mother's Day we wanted Australians to stop and reflect on how much their Mothers have sacrificed for them, and what they could give in return. Rather than purchase flowers or chocolates, why not give a gift far more valuable? PLAY is delighted to work with the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia and help them deliver the best gift of all - a world without breast cancer."

Says Peedom: "It was a privilege to work on this special project for the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of the research they are doing, while making a spot that will hopefully help people make a meaningful choice this year for their Mother's Day gift.

"My strength as a director is drawing powerful and honest performances from real people and we were blessed with wonderful participants in this spot. We wanted real people to reflect on how meaningful their mothers are in their lives. While the master interviews were being conducted, the participants were unaware that their mothers were on location, and overhearing their beautiful sentiments. As a result, when we sent their mothers out onto set, the results were spontaneous, authentic and surprisingly moving.

"I think the spot captures the essence of why we all love our Mums, and therefore, why breast cancer research is such an important issue. It impacts millions of women around the world."

Visit the campaign hub.

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