Blockhead VFX opens Sydney studio

5 (1).jpgVFX specialists Blockhead have officially opened the doors to its state of the art studio in Sydney.

Breathing new life into the old "Albury Hotel" in Paddington, this iconic pub on Oxford Street now houses Blockhead's premium flame and grading suites along with character spaces for the compositing and CG teams and the burgeoning film department.

Blockhead was formed in Auckland by co-founders and creative directors, Nigel Mortimer and Stefan Coory after returning from London and New York where they were lead artists at MPC and The Mill respectively.
13 (1).jpgOverseen by MD Josephine Mckenzie (ex The Editors, The Mill), advertising local Greg Fyson has joined the existing stable of excellent producers as EP. With his extensive knowledge of both production and agency worlds Fyson brings a real symbiosis to the7.jpg whole process.

Says Mortimer: "We are so lucky to have Greg on board. Alongside his many producing skills and penchant for a cheeky pint he will make an excellent translator for that New Zealand and Australian language barrier."

Having many great relationships already in Sydney it is an obvious next step for the boutique studio. It also gives Blockhead a unique offering to the many production companies, agencies 9 (1).jpgand clients doing Trans-Tasman work. They have both Auckland and Sydney operating virtually as one studio so it eliminates the tyranny of distance.

Recent Blockhead projects include the creation of Paul Middleditch's "Dave the11.jpg Goose" for Air NZ, Tim Bullock's fire spewing "Scortchy" the Jemena Dragon and Nick Balls face bitingly good snake for iSelect.

To get in touch or see a selection of Blockhead's greatest hits make your way to


Legend convention said:

Nice people, doing nice work. Simple. Good.

Fellini said:

Will Nigel and Stefan now be based in Sydney? Who are the artists?

The Ghost of 8's said:

Great work y'all! Congratulations on your new digs!

Kenny said:

Fyson - the definition of an extraordinary gentleman! Best of luck team!

Dan O said:

Fysonheimer moves into a pub. What a legend.

RW said:


Bigg said:

Well colour me excited. Great news !

Al Bray said:

Well done Greg and your team!

adam jones said:

in one of the best building in sydney, many a great night spent downstairs

Hope to work with you guys in sydney

Who Dat said:

Wow, I commented that I wanted to know who was producing and on the tools and it didn't get published? Curious what was wrong with that. Odd to have a press release saying open for business but no info about who's there or who to contact apart from the EP. Who's going to be actually making the work? And why is that such an offensive question?

Jenkins! said:

Good people doing exciting things in peculiar places. I approve.

Fellini said:

'Who dat' you are bloody right..nice building and good to
Know your EP likes a cheeky pint, but who are your artists
And who is doing the work?

HOP said:

Well done Greg and Blockhead. Its always lovely to have healthy competition in town and attract even more world class talent for us all. Please excuse the above haters. Not all the big fish like sharing the little pond. But there is room enough for everyone.

Col said:

Ahh come on anonymous hecklers! They only just got here.
Congrats to Stef and the gang - good to have quality people
in town, always gets the creative juices flowing.
Looking forward to a drink invite in the pub very jealous.please tell me you kept the bar.
We made the mistake of moving into churches… fail!

Fellini said: haters here...just wanna know who exactly will be working in Sydney. A nice building and a local producer will not be enough to attract even more 'world class talent'.Our business is about people and talent, really really simple.

Yay! said:


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