Boundary Road Brewery brings back Chocolate Moose in new campaign via TBWA\Auckland

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.50.11 am.jpgThe NZ public asked, and Boundary Road Brewery delivered. Following a multitude of pleading requests from BRB fans, BRB has brought back the much-loved Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter to form part of the Brewer's Cut range accompanied by a new spot via TBWA\Auckland, creatively led by Aussie expat ECD Christy Peacock.

Chocolate Moose was previously part of BRB's The Originals Range and when packaging changed late last year, much to the public's dismay it disappeared off the shelves.

Says Andy Havill, senior brand manager, BRB: "As soon as the last of the Chocolate Moose 6-packs were leaving store shelves, we had people emailing and Facebook messaging us asking where it had gone and whether we were bringing it back. We were overwhelmed by people's love of Chocolate Moose, so after a few months of requests we decided we'd better bring back the Moose and keep everyone happy."

Chocolate Moose is a modern twist on a traditional style of Porter beer. It has aromas of chocolate and is a sweeter, full-bodied beer offset with a mild bitterness.

Says Havill: "TBWA captured the essence of the return of our Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter, turning what could have been a pretty standard product relaunch into an epic journey that should create interest and intrigue."

Executive Creative Director: Christy Peacock
Creative Director:
Julian Andrew
enior Art Director:
Watchara Tansrikeat
Agency Producer: Nick Barnes
Business Director: Angelina Farry
Account Director: Aimee Knox
Production Company: Robber's Dog
Director: Daniel Borgman
Producer: Anna Stuart
Sound Design: Liquid Studios
Composer: Pete van de Fluit
Post Production: Blockhead
Editor: Alex Shaunesy


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