Cannes Contenders: BWM Dentsu

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

TheTailorMadeStore (1).jpgChadstone: The Tailor Made Store
BWM Dentsu, Melbourne

As Australia's largest shopping centre, Chadstone is uniquely qualified to cater to the one thing which makes a person unique - taste. We designed, created and built The Tailor Made Store. An intelligent kinetic structure which adapted and transformed to suit each and every individual. Chadstone shoppers used a bespoke Instagram mechanic to queue for their tailor made experience. On entry, the store asked a series of questions, gathering information from each person. A unique algorithm interpreted the data. And a team of stylists transformed the store within minutes. Tailor made products, lighting, music and mood meant a truly unique retail experience every single time.
Remote_Ristorante (1).jpgDr.Oetker: Remote Ristorante
BWM Dentsu, Melbourne

With Ristorante frozen pizza, you can enjoy restaurant quality pizza wherever you call home. To prove it, we turned Australia's most remote home (on the western-most point of Australia) into the world's most remote pizzeria. Little did our guests know, the pizza they were eating was straight from the freezer. Locals and influencers travelled, dined and spread the word, press arrived to get in on the action, as the content film launched through Facebook. The restaurant garnered both local and international attention. The content film gained reach of over 10.4 million and attracted an increase of 247% in organic Facebook engagement. Since the activation, Ristorante has become the number one frozen pizza in Australia for the first time.

PremmieProud-thumb-400x222-243538.jpgBabyLove: Premmie Proud
BWM Dentsu, Sydney
When a baby is born, parents love sharing the news on social media. But if the baby is premature, you won't always hear about it. BabyLove Nappies wanted to change this. So we partnered with the Miracle Babies Foundation and the world's no 1. baby photo sharing app, BabyPics, and created Premmie Proud - a social initiative that encourages parents with premature babies to proudly share their little miracle with the world.

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