Cannes Contenders: VML Australia

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

instabilia_vml.jpgNational Rugby League: Instabilia
VML Australia
The National Rugby League (NRL) is continually seeking new and innovative ways to engage fans during Australia's biggest annual sporting event - The State of Origin.  Like most professional sports around the world, it has a massive online following, with larger audiences following the action on social media than on live television. Our brief was to create an experience that would not only enhance the viewing experience for both television and online audiences, but also form a deeper connection between fans and the game, ultimately bringing them closer to the action.

The perception of traditional sporting memorabilia is that it's barely felt the scratch of a pen, let alone the blood, sweat and tears of the players. So that's why we invited NRL fans to own a real piece of footy history through Instabilia.

During the NRL State of Origin, Australia's biggest sporting event, we captured actual mementos from every moment of the games, turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces of Instabilia. Fans were then encouraged to bid for them live on eBay - with all proceeds going to charity.

Our Instabilia sold for over 12x more than 'official' memorabilia. Generating a huge increase in awareness and raised much needed funds for the NRL's partner charity - Lifeline.

Not only did we bring fans closer to the action, we allowed them to own a real piece of memorabilia from Australia's biggest sporting event of the year.
monopoly_vml_all (1).jpgMcDonald's Australia: The Monopoly Game
VML Australia
Monopoly is McDonald's biggest sales promotion. But young people stopped believing they could win, with some going as far as to declare the promotion 'rigged'. With mounting customer frustrations, young players began to switch off, diminishing the effectiveness of a tried and tested formula.

We transformed a 30-year-old promotion into an immersive gaming experience, giving players more control over their ability to win, and visibility of other people's wins via the app. People scanned tickets, activating games, and tracked properties on their virtual game board, redeeming wins instantly, or stashing them for later.

Players loved the new approach and won more than ever before. In fact, the game became so popular a black market sprung up on eBay, with customers trying to sell accounts to capitalise on the hype. But best of all, we transformed skeptics into our biggest fans, resulting in the biggest sales week on record.

SNAP_Hero_Image2 (1).jpgMcDonald's Australia: Snaplications
VML Australia

McDonald's is the biggest employer of young people in the country, but finding young employees has become increasing difficult - a pain that's been felt across the entire QSR category. So we went where we knew our audience were most likely to be found, and turned Snapchat into one of McDonald's biggest recruitment channels. Using a lens that transforms young Aussie's into a potential crew member, they can send a 10 second snaplication to the McDonald's snapchat account, allowing them to show off their personality, without the need for unnecessary resumes or CVs.

asb_vml02 (1).jpgASB Website
VML Australia

Auckland Savings Bank is New Zealand's number one bank for in-branch customer service, and with more and more people banking online, it needed a platform that would retain that personal service, without a person.

With ASB's Digital Concierge, the real world banking experience has been transported online, with the site customised to your wants and needs, delivering a bespoke experience to every single person that visits.  For this project we needed to create an experience for every New Zealander, young and old, so we the solution needed to cater to a broad audience and be highly accessible. Our strategy was to transform the existing site from a one-size-fits-all, brochure website into a best in class, highly personalized, concierge experience that replicated the instore branch experience.

ASB undertook this digital transformation project to accommodate customers' device preferences and meet the digital experience expectations of today's customers while leveraging some of the benefits provided by data and personalisation smarts. This came to life with a search and personalisation led homepage and product pages that were focused around the customers' needs.ยท        

The website re-design delivered a scalable platform that will help ASB build better relationships with their customers and a foundation to help the company grow. Within the first 3 months of the site launching, the site achieved a 336% increase in home loan applications and 181% increase in personal-loan applications.

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