Canterbury Bankstown unveils 'Where interesting happens' brand positioning via Frost*collective

Canterbury Bankstown PR_2.jpgMore than 2000 people were recently engaged in a major project conducted by Frost*collective to rebrand Canterbury Bankstown following its recent amalgamation to form the largest Council in NSW.

Experts in Council and Destination branding, Frost* put together a consultant team and methodology that could genuinely engage the community in developing the new brand.
Canterbury Bankstown PR_3.jpgCat Burgess, strategy director, Frost* says the project is precedent-setting in using a combination of community consultation, market research and brand analysis to develop the destination's new positioning.

Says Burgess: "This is a truly evidence-driven piece of work that will not only unify the community from both former council areas but also address Canterbury Bankstown PR_4.jpgbarriers that currently prevent people from visiting, working and living there."

Community Consultation experts Elton Consulting worked with Frost* to engage more than 1,600 locals through workshops, discussions and interviews and an online survey. The findings from this work were correlated with insights from focus groups and quantitative research with more Canterbury Bankstown PR_5.jpgthan 460 Sydneysiders from outside the area, conducted by market research company Environmetrics.

What emerged was a major gap in how Canterbury Bankstown is perceived - with locals proud of its rich diversity, food culture and thriving arts and cultural scene, but those from outside believing there is nothing of interest or unsure of what's there.

Canterbury Bankstown PR_6.jpgSays Burgess: "The brand idea "Where interesting happens" represents a way for not only Council but also residents, businesses, community and sporting groups and visitors to get the message out there about all of the fascinating experiences it has to offer."

Says Richard Colley, administrator, City of Canterbury Bankstown: "This was a place brand not a logo we were Canterbury Bankstown PR_7.jpglooking to develop, one that captured the true identity of our city and its people. For that to occur, it was crucial we involved not only our residents and businesses in the brand journey from the very beginning, but also visitors and people who have not yet experienced our city.

"Frost responded with a comprehensive community engagement strategy which resulted in an Canterbury Bankstown PR_8.jpgenthusiastic and genuine response, that then enabled it to create a brand that was 'very real' and a true representation of us.

"We are proud of who we are, the values we stand for and are not afraid about being different, and we're now in a position to share our interesting places, people and attractions to Sydney, Australia, and the world - thanks to Frost*."

The new brand has been brought to life with an identity system that is itself both diverse and interesting.

Says Anthony Donovan, creative director, Frost*collective: "The identify can be seen in many ways, as a geometric shape that shifts perspective as well as the letters 'CB'."

The letterforms can be rearranged to frame interesting images, facts and features, as well as forming patterns that are used to make the ordinary interesting.

To help launch the new brand, local poet from Bankstown Poetry Slam, Miski Omar, was engaged to feature in a video that shares the story of the brand development process and the new positioning.

Frost* has collaborated with Council on developing a roll out strategy that will see the new brand on everything from Council vehicles to uniforms, buildings, signage, social media, its website and promotional advertising.

Frost* specialises in destination branding and marketing and has conducted major projects for Broken Hill, North Sydney, Redfern, the Sydney Opera House and Kakadu National Park amongst many others.

Executive Creative Director: Vince Frost, Frost*collective
Group Creative Director: Anthony Donovan, Frost*collective
Strategy Director: Cat Burgess, Frost*
Strategist: Jeanne Ogilvie, Frost*
Senior Designer: Alex Dalmau, Frost*
Designer: Johnny Boardman, Frost*
Designer: Kieran Mistry, Frost*
Client Services Director: Emma Stone, Frost*
Account Director: Max Delplanque, Frost*
Head of Nest (part of Frost*collective): Martin Hoegh-Guldberg
Digital Producer: Natalie Cano, Nest
Production Manager: Jason Hughes, Frost*
Elton Consulting: Brendan Blakeley, Associate Director; Samantha Weir, Senior Project Manager Environmetrics: Philip Smith, Senior Consultant
Videographer: Luke Eblen
On camera video presenter: Miski Omar (Bankstown Poetry Slam) 


Can be seen many ways? said:

An awful lot of people to draw two letters and pick a typeface.

Did everyone take turns connecting the lines?

Hmmmm said:

Yeah nah... maybe it's just the way they've chosen to showcase their brand. But nothing really about the design really says diversity and cultural vibrancy.

Confusing said:

The design gets in the way of the message for me? What are we trying to say or do? I can't read half of the headlines clearly and when I do, they're meaningless.

Rosemary O'Brien said:

This is an entry for the "favourite interesting places or things in Canterbury-Bankstown."

There are two main places within the district which I never tire of - one is the delightful village of Condell Park, where people intermingle, cultures mix harmoniously, quaint shops abound,,and colour, action and movement are constantly in abundance, making a visit there always an anticipated pleasure.

My second port of call is the Bankstown Sporting Hall of Fame within Bankstown Memorial Park. This is a wonderful tribute to the local district's wonderful array of sportspeople, and is a constantly intriguing mix of photos and records which bring back to mind those champions we once so admired. This Sporting Hall of Fame is a paean to the outdoor sporting life so beloved of Bankstonians. Do I need to include the fact I retain a personal interest? - probably, and yes I have managed to secure a spot there, and am so grateful to have been included, due to my love and dedication to the sport of lawn bowls.

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