Creative studio Vandal breaks new ground with gravity defying art installation at Redfern gallery

01.jpgLast month creative studio VANDAL broke new ground by joining forces with renowned art and culture consultancy Art Pharmacy to celebrate the launch of the new VANDAL Gallery in Redfern.

The opening of its second exhibition was attended by VANDAL creative directors Emile Rademeyer and Richard Swan, MD Brenden Johnson, EP Anna Greensmith and Art Pharmacy founder and director Emilya Colliver. Present were top creatives and producers from the city's most innovative advertising and media agencies as well as Sydney's most prominent artists, curators and collectors.
02.jpgFeaturing live music from Huckleberry Hastings, the exhibition titled ICON featured works by renowned Sydney artist Alun Rhys Jones. Making full use of VANDAL's new architecturally designed and custom built creative warehouse, the exhibition featured a larger than life, gravity defying installation, on display for the first time ever. Other works included large scale charcoal drawings and threevandal.jpgsculptural works, exploring popular culture and celebrity with biting wit and originality.

In keeping with VANDAL's commitment to inspire by creating the best work within the best environment, their creative warehouse is home to some of the best talent making use of its studio cyc, sound studio, edit, grade and vfx lounges, hot desks, meeting rooms, open 04.jpgplan creative work zones, café and sundrenched alleyway courtyard. 

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Try Angles said:

I thought V∆ND∆L was cooler.
Oh wait they're still spelling it that way on the website, also they use ∑ as e. Phew I thought they weren't cool any more.

Hip 2 B Square said:

Jealousy makes you n∆sty

Vom said:

So lame.

PS said:

Thanks guys for a great night. What an amazing space!

V∆ND∆L said:

Thanks Try Angles for checking out our website. Drop us a line or even better come and check out our new warehouse as well as the art installation. Cheers!

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