Limited number of LIA Creative LIAisons tickets now available for purchase for young creatives

8a0f1c0e3be6272f58fdabf1_560x372 (1).jpgIn addition to the 80 invites to Creative LIAisons that are fully funded by London International Awards a limited number of tickets have been made available for purchase.

Tickets are available to young creatives between the ages of 21 and 30 years of age on a first-come, first-served basis. The program will include three days of seminars, the extraordinary opportunity to observe a jury during statue discussions and an exclusive invite to a party featuring dinner and drinks with the LIA jury and speakers. Creative LIAisons, which is running for the sixth consecutive year, will be held at Encore, Las Vegas from 4th October through 7th October 2017.
Matt Eastwood (1).jpgSays Matt Eastwood (left), worldwide chief creative officer, J. Walter Thompson, New York: "The value attendees get out of Creative LIAisons is significant. The fact that they're really able to identify with the people that are speaking speaks volumes for the opportunity that they get when they come here."

6ddae0e17da11158d02cb970_560x372.jpgSpeakers are chosen from the LIA juries and outside influencers. No speaker is given an agenda; the topics can extend from advertising, marketing, design, production, technology, digital and beyond. Speakers are from all aspects of the industry, from Legends such as Bob Isherwood and Neil French to "The NEW's" Faris Yakob, as well as influencers fromTed Royer_Droga5 (1).jpg outside the traditional realm of advertising, such as Daymond John and Kevin Harrington.

Regarding the chance to witness a statue discussion, Ted Royer (left), chief creative officer, Droga5 New York says: "It's nice to hear that there's actually robust debate around why an idea is good or impactful for the world, rather than just seeing the results and not really knowing why they arrived at a certain judging result."

A ticket can be yours for USD $995.00, not including airfare or hotel, which must be booked and paid for by the attendee.

Says Royer: "You can come here and really feel a good sense of community in the advertising world. Events like this do really reinforce that. I think it would be worth paying money to come to Creative LIAisons because of the quality of the people you get here. You get some world-class minds here to interact with. I think it is a world-class event."

For further information on purchasing tickets and to view past speakers, attendees and photos visit: Creative LIAisons or email:

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