Melbourne based futurist + innovation company Future Hub launches into US, UK + APAC markets

FUTUREHUB_HERO.jpgArtificial Intelligence has the ability to do 360,000 hours of manual work in the matter of seconds. Technology is eradicating jobs and shifting every economic market, worldwide. To prepare for the change ahead, Melbourne, Australian based Future Hub is a futurist + innovation company transforming people and businesses to make critical shifts necessary to survive in a new world.

As part of a fierce global 'Future Ready Strategy', Future Hub will launch its Digital Trend Mags to the US market on 16th April 2017, followed by the UK and Asia Pacific markets this year. Covering trend topics from Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Dark Web, Fintech, Future Health, GeneTechs, Generation Z plus an additional 25 trending categories. Future Hub has formed a high level expert team of researchers and futurists dotted around the globe that provide Trending Insights and Future Predictions that can't be Googled.

FUTUREHUB_TRENDMAGS.jpgFounded by awarded advertising creative Deryll Naidoo, Future Hub has been created to become the go to place for accessing Trending Information, Future Predictions and Pathways to implement change. Future Hub has formed a strong executive team, with its members qualified experts in the areas of advertising, education, business, technology and futurism, each holding more than 20 years of experience.

Future Hub's mission is to transform a Billion people around the world to #BecomeFutureReady.

Future Hub's Unique IP is focused on transforming the mindsets of students, jobseekers and employees. Its Digital Trend Intelligence Mags help students gain relevant intelligence that supports course progression and market-ready problem solving knowledge. For jobseekers it gives them an edge when competing in tough job markets and nailing that interview. For employees, Digital Trend Mags gives them market-ready intelligence to bring into their workplace to assist with projects, problem solving and provide deeper knowledge when working with peers.

Says Naidoo on the importance of creating a resource that provides critical information: "Technology has vaporized economies and jobs overnight. By 2050, 50% of the world's jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Our mission is to make accessible vital trending information and provide insights on how to implement change for a billion people around the globe to #BecomeFutureReady.

"Using a mix of smart research, trending data, predictive and social analytics, our expert futurists safely provide future predictions and translates this into simple and easy to understand language."

Future Hub is currently building a strong presence in the UK by head of partnerships, Simon Turton, having recently secured contracts with major organizations in the enterprise business, education and recruitment industries.

Says Turton: "We are dedicated to connecting and helping transform more than 3 million people in the UK this year. Whether they are about to set off on their career journeys or already in jobs, we will help get them onto a pathway to adapt to a new world. We have a major task ahead in helping transform a billion people globally and confident we can achieve this goal."

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