News Corp Australia announces Australian jurors for the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

cannelions2 (1).jpgNews Corp Australia, the official representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Australia, has today announced the industry leaders selected to the Australian Cannes Lions jury panel.

The 2017 Australian Cannes Lions jurors are:
  • Film: Laurie Geddes, J. Walter Thompson, Sydney
  • Outdoor: David Nobay, Marcel, Sydney
  • Media - Awarding Jury: Imogen Hewitt, Havas Media/Havas Group
  • Cyber: Andy Flemming, M&C Saatch, Sydney
  • Direct - Awarding Jury, Jason Williams, Leo Burnett Australia
  • Radio: Matt Dickson, The Studio - Southern Cross Austereo, Perth
  • Promo & Activation - Awarding Jury: Tara Ford, TBWA\Melbourne
  • Design: Niccola Phillips, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
  • PR: James Wright, Red Agency
  • Glass: Bec Brideson, Venus Comms
  • Mobile: Brad Eldridge, Soap
Says Tony Phillips, chief marketing officer, News Corp Australia: "It's great to have such a talented bunch of industry leaders represent Australia at the world's most creative festival. To be so well represented across so many categories proves the calibre of our creative talent in this country."

The Australian Cannes Lions jurors will travel to France to take part in the 64th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity being held from 17-24 June 2017.


Really? said:

Is this the best Aussie list Cannes can come up with?

#wtf 2.0 said:

He did one content piece.
What is this, PrintWithURL?

Amateur hour said:

With a few obvious exceptions.... WTF? Did big names say no?

What? said:

News Corp have lost the plot. Trying to be way too political and not picking the best of the best of our industry. No disrespect to the selected as there are a few good names there.

Who said:


Just Sayin' said:

To the anonymous: So you must be a a hatted or Michelin Star-awarded chef to be a restaurant critic?

Or have won an Oscar to be an Academy judge?


@Just Sayin' said:

Bad analogy. Restaurant critic is an actual profession, Cannes judge isn't. These people have the same jobs as the people whose work they judge but in some instances just aren’t good enough to win a Lion. The correct analogy in your example would be your local takeaway cook deciding who gets the Michelin star. Prove to me your credentials before you’re allowed to award others. You should need to have won at Cannes to judge it. There are much more deserving and qualified people.

heh said:

I've interviewed creatives with 10-15 Lions who couldn't do the job if I held a gun to their head. It's a piece of piss to win a Lion if your agency is prepared to fork out for one. And, let's face it - that's all it takes. In fact, if your place has the cash to splash on multiple categories you can pick up 5-8 Lions for a single piece of scam. So winning them, easy. It's the people who GENUINELY believe that winning a Lion is in some way a suitable way of measuring their ability that will have very, very short careers.

Get on with the job guys. Seriously. Enter D&AD if you want to measure your worth. Enter Cannes if you want a job in Asia. Try showing your list of Lions to AMV or St Lukes. You'll be giggled out of the door.

@heh said:

Relax mate.
It's only advertising.

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