Public Transport Victoria says explore the 'World of Melbourne by Bus' via GPY&R, Melbourne

Brunswick.jpgPublic Transport Victoria and GPY&R Melbourne have joined forces in a new campaign the 'World of Melbourne by Bus' to encourage locals to use buses while enjoying the sights of Melbourne.

Buses trail behind other forms of public transport in both perception and usage. But thanks to improvements in coverage, frequency and passenger information, Melburnians who do give buses a try tend to be pleasantly surprised.

To help potential passengers overcome their misconceptions, the campaign showcases the destinations buses serve via a range of 'travel poster' style illustrations that bring to life the amazing pockets of culture and identity that make Melbourne such a vibrant and exciting place to live. The artwork has been specially commissioned for the campaign and was created by a range of Australian illustrators in conjunction with The Jacky Winter Group.

Footscray.jpgThe campaign launches with 16 posters and will continue in phases across a range of channels with localised targeting and will also see a website built by GPY&R to showcase the more than 700 bus routes in Melbourne.

Says Philip Askew, general manager, Public Transport Victoria: "Buses are the unsung heroes of Melbourne's transport network. This campaign aims to challenge this by focusing on local areas, show casing key destinations in a unique, visually-arresting style while heroing the bus as the primary mode of transport."

Says Kieran Moroney, senior art director, GPY&R: "Melbourne is a city of diverse destinations with a different cultural spirit PacificWerribee.jpgaround every corner. So to encourage local travel by bus we engaged seven Australian illustrators, creating a feeling of discovery through the style of a travel poster and the mediums of acrylic, watercolour and digital painting."

GPY&R Melbourne is part of WPP AUNZ, Australasia's leading marketing content and communications group.

Public Transport Victoria
General Manager: Philip Askew
Marketing Manager: Nicole Gottliebsen
GPY&R Melbourne

PortMelbourne.jpgCreative Director: Jake Barrow
Senior Art Director: Kieran Moroney
Senior Copywriter: Aaron Pepper
Designer: Lewis Brown
Agency Producer: Lucy Welch
Group Account Director: Matt Hunt
Account Directors: Cathryn Reed, Sarah Naumoski
Strategy Director: Mike Hyde
Senior Strategist: Alex Horner
WorldofMelbourne.jpgExecutive Digital Producer: Ash Mustchin
Senior Backend Developer: Mark Natividad
Digital Producer: Jo Manning
Digital Designer: Rosalie Iaria, Johanna Nightingale
Illustrators: Stuart McLachlan, Nigel Buchanan, Timba Smits, Marc Martin, Christopher Nielsen, Eamon Donnelly, James Fosdike
Producer: Li Liang Johnson


beautiful said:

Love this!

RC said:

Well done Kieran! These look ace.

Laz said:

Gorgeous! Ace work guys :)

Lady Face said:

This is gorgeous. Love the work Patts.

T. said:

Nice to see craft really being pushed

Nice! said:

Really like this body of work! But then I am a fan of good Illustration. Nice work Patts.

Vada said:

Beautiful work K Dawg.

yep said:

they look great but....

is there an idea here, do they need an idea, is it enough just to look pretty?

genuine questions to the people that made them, would be great to hear the strategy here

Chuck said:

Good ads. These are nice looking things.

Team effort said:

Beautiful work from Illustrators: Stuart McLachlan, Nigel Buchanan, Timba Smits, Marc Martin, Christopher Nielsen, Eamon Donnelly, James Fosdike.

Marcus said:

Refreshing. Great work guys! Kieran and Lewis.. ace.

Roger said:

Beautiful work Stuart, Nigel, Timbo, Marcos, Christopher, Eamon and James.
Amazing work as always. Bonza!

ARTSY said:

Beautiful work for a FUGLY city.

Just being honest said:

Nice looking posters but that's it. Doesn't make me want to get on the bus and go to these suburbs. I doubt it will improve revenue for PTV, but they obviously have money to waste.

Dena said:

We live in port melb and love the port poster. Is there a way these can be purchased?

Thank you Dena.

jane said:

Fantasic art work. I would like copies even as post cards.....where is the one for Croydon?

Bogunbear said:

Saw one of these at Werribee Station and was blown away. It is bright and friendly and unlike anything else before it. Sort of reminded me of the ads they used to have in the old underground at Spencer St station. I am tempted to visit some of the places but confess that most I do not know of. Is there a list somewhere of what and where these places are?

Jim said:

Well done.

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