Rabbit content director Craig Rasmus directs latest Arnott's Shapes campaign via TKT Sydney

Shapes_digitaledit_01 (1-00-00-00).jpgCampbell Arnott's has launched a new campaign this week for its popular snack Arnott's Shapes, through TKT Sydney.

The spots, directed by Craig Rasmus, showcase humorous scenarios taken from 'The Shapesons', an Aussie sitcom family who prove that no matter what the situation is and what your family is like you'll find a Shapes flavour for every person in it.

The campaign consists of one 30-second TVC and 11 15-second TVCs.

Rasmus and his producer Rita Gagliardi joined the Rabbit team earlier in the year, adding to the Rabbit stable of talent.

Client: Campbell Arnott's
Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific: David McNeil
Marketing Manager: Ranita Cowled
Global Communications Manager: Nicky Thomson

Title: 'The Shapesons'
Agency: TKT Sydney
Creative Director: Ben Clare
Copywriter: Emil Cholich
Art Director: Shaun Thomson
Senior Intergrated Producer: Katrina Maw
Managing Partner: Cate Stuart-Robertson
Senior Account Director: Sam McGown
Account Manager: Rachel McEwen
Planning Director: Robert Dougan

Production Company: Rabbit Content
Executive Producer: Lucas Jenner, Alex Hay
Director: Craig Rasmus
Producer: Rita Gagliardi
Cinematographer: Crighton Bone
Editor: Adam Wills
Colourist: Andrew Clarkson
Online Design: White Chocolate
Original Music: Otis Studios
Casting: Peta Einberg


Crackers said:

Short and sharp. Nicely done

Crackers said:

Short and sharp. Nicely done

Fan said:

Refreshingly good. Smart and funny.

noooo said:

Why are you doing this stuff (it not simple - its completely weird and disconnected from what the brand is about - Shapes have always been about flavour. Not the shapes. This is NOT brand building or sales driving. Its sort of creative but thats it. Tone is all wrong too. Best of luck - I hope it works, I love this brand.

Stimpson J. said:

Stale. Uninspired. Will give TKT the benefit of the doubt and say there was an idea here when it started. Surely it must have been the client that reduced these to another 'idiot Dad' snoozefest. The Simpsons themselves are on their last legs. Why would a Simpsons parody be a good idea? Comedy is hard. These don't land.

Cliented said:

On paper they were probably funnier. Unfortunately to bring these to life they needed a lot more money than was put into them. More money would have meant better talent, better music, more time to shoot the spots, more time to craft in the edit suite and oh fuck it they'd probably still be shit.

BL said:

I laughed out loud with the first ad. Great work by all.

Grumpy said:

The Shapesons. The Freemans.The Brainless Formulas.

LOLs said:

These were way funny on the Voice my family loved them especially the hat one. Nothing much else to remember of TV at the moment.

Nice said:

The soccer one is gold. No overt product claim, funny casting. Good stuff.

Not a producer said:

That 'your sister' script could have been okay if it just wasn't for the terrible acting. This is whats getting lost as the quality of production values is eroded. (At least I'm guessing thats behind it.) You can always get something made cheaper but its the more intangible- but super important things (like casting/acting) -that suffer. And then you have nothing. But hey you did it cheap!

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