Rowan Dean returns to co-front controversial Outsiders programme this Sunday on Sky News

ROWAN-DEAN-book.jpgAfter one week off the air following the sacking of Mark Latham, CB hears Outsiders is set to return to Sky News this Sunday at 10am, still co-fronted by former ad agency creative director Rowan Dean, now editor of the Spectator and a regular AFR satirical columnist.

The only unanswered question is, who, if anyone, will replace Latham?

Dean began his career as an ex-pat copywriter in the UK, where he created the multi-award winning Fosters Lager campaign featuring Paul Hogan. He went on to co-write with art director Garry Horner "the world's greatest ad" for Hamlet cigars, "Photobooth", before returning to Australia as a film director and finally executive creative director of Euro (now Havas).

Dean's career has certainly blossomed since leaving the ad industry, with his latest book Way Beyond Satire doing very nicely indeed.


In this hilarious selection from his weekly Australian Financial Review satirical columns, Dean chronicles Australia's recent political mayhem, sorry, we mean history, in his unique tongue-in-cheek, ruthlessly subversive style. From the mysterious Granola virus to an outbreak of Todgers in the Lodge; from performing the Same Sex Kama Sutra and resisting the pull of Gravitational Waffle; from Sharia Law in Tassie to enjoying All the Gonski you can eat, Dean's biting humour is an irresistible comic pleasure to savour.


Bring back The Outsiders..! said:

Well done on supporting Mr Dean and The Outsiders - much better than that other mummy outfit..!

The reviews for Rowan are very positive, I shall purchase his book

Terence Forsythe

Moon Unit said:

Be cool, Terence, and post anonymously.

Josie said:

Your last show you forgot the Bingley award, I suggest chinless wonder Gareth Evans for his deplorable Press Club speech. He tries to sound like an academic but comes over as a mindless clown.

Lyneee said:

Please bring back Mark Latham show not so good without him, but still its my favourite on Sundays. Also bought your book - excellent. Look forward to seeing Mark back with you both in the not to distant future.. I hope

Rosemary said:

On Anzac Day whilst I was respectfully remembering the cousin who died at Sandakan in January 1945; another lies at Tyne Cot ; great uncles lying who knows where; the family friend, aged 20, who lost a leg at Milne Bay and my father who returned from New Guinea but whose life was never the same, this individual to whom we have given refuge has insulted not only me but me but many, many Australians.

This person must not be permitted to retain any position funded by the taxpayer. A few lessons in history and gratitude would be a good idea, preferably in another country.

My rage is white hot.

Just one of many Outsiders said:

Just a few questions that need answers...

1. Why do people think that hedging their bets, by voting for one party for House of Reps and another for The Senate, is such a good idea?

2. Why do all Governments think that they can convince their poor mindless constituents into moving into the "Western Suburbs" of all the major cities, while they continue to overcrowd the city centres with ever increasing Government offices?

3. Why can't we have referendum on Sharia Law without the "Left" thinking that we are all infidels that deserve to go to hell?

4. Why doesn't John Howard come out of retirement and follow in the footsteps of his Political Idol, and set up an all new Political Party that represents the views, needs and desires of the once core followers of the Liberal Party?

5. When are we going to stop hearing about the things that matter in more than just 30 second sound bites? Having paid all my working life for the National ABC, I think it is about time that I, and people like me, are represented instead of being ridiculed for not having a personal agenda... when did it become wrong to think that we all matter(?), and don't want to "belong" to a so-called "minority group".

I am most proud to say that after watching both the "Insiders" and the "Outsiders" on Sunday mornings, I'm so pleased that you are on second as it calms me considerably to imagine that Australia is still in with a chance.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you in parliament again, but if you can continue to inspire people through "The Outsiders" then I will continue to watch and applaud you and Rowan Dean.

WACSO said:

I was born in Australia
Am I an indigenous Australian?

Groucho said:

Having started his career on such a high (? ) how come ..................

Gillean Barber said:

We love your show. Nice to see another view of the world with less HATE!!

Hamish 49 said:

Why is it all of the so called politicians condemn their colleagues in the cesspit of Canberra of taking monies from other countries to pursue their careers when one of them gets caught its the end of the world. Everyone else outside of the political system would have been prosecuted for bribery/corruption and thrown in the slammer and ridiculed as a greedy self centered money grabbing moron........

bill said:

bring back Mark Latham he is the best Labour outsider you can get

Charles said:

This is the best commentating show on television.
Get Abbott back!

Max said:

Watching recording for this week's Outsiders
Grace Collier is just great
It is truly refreshing to watch her articulate what i am feeling
I run a sheep farm (up to 4,000 sheep) I'm a divorced woman who feels like everyday is a battle
Watch Andrew Bolt all the time
Think of all you 'guy's as like minded friends

Narelle said:

Really enjoy the show...a breath of fresh air.

I'm not sure if you can help but a petition has been started asking the Government to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. It is an opportunity also, by implication, to let them know just how many people do not support all this action to 'reduce emissions' ...and thus potentially wreck this country. Numbers are all they seem to be influenced by.

Link to the petition:
Go to
and search for EN0264

Gavinn said:

There's humour, and then there's buffoonery.Hope you lean more towards the former in future shows.

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