Steve Back's D&AD Wrap-up

BACK-wrapup1.jpgSteve Back, director at Sydney-based Brilliant Films, is in London judging the Integrated and Collaboration category at D&AD. Here is his wrap-up report, exclusive to Campaign Brief
All things Yellow...

I think we forget sometimes how much the creative process and its outcomes are such a fragile thing. It's so important that we celebrate and reward those who protect and nurture it. I think of all the shows D&AD is the true champion of this. I think D&AD celebrates that fragility in all its glory.

It's our last day and there's a real buzz in the air as we make our way over to The Truman Brewery this morning; we judge the yellows today. There's a bold call that we'll get done by lunch but it ends up taking all day. It's a short list of work that's managed to keep us all excited throughout the process and warrant discussion and consideration.
BACK-wrapup2.jpgBACK-wrapup-3.jpgThe Graphite pencil round seems to fly by and is a good run up for the Yellows. We started on the Yellows and everything stepped up a gear. There's intensity amongst our group, which is admirable and endearing. No one is taking this lightly. Details are getting scrutinised, not to pull the pieces apart but instead to validate its success. It's fair to say we're tough but this is about a D&AD Yellow pencil and we all know the value they hold.

The pieces that hold-up are truly inspiring and wonderful examples of modern creativity.  They are beacons of hope for our industry. The D&AD process is to discuss all work that's made the short list for yellow and then you vote.  We are not told what has won a yellow, which I really admire. My guess is going off our conversation the best work will be rewarded and ultimately celebrated with a Yellow pencil.

And if you happen to be on the receiving end, be super proud and thank you for protecting and nurturing the creative process.

Thanks D&AD for helping me fall in love with advertising again. I leave inspired and refreshed.

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