Telstra aims to make the network of the future a reality in latest ad campaign via The Monkeys

Telstra_Network.jpgTelstra has launched a major new campaign via The Monkeys which tells the story of a changing, immersive, exciting world that demands a network that can change with it. 

The campaign draws on Telstra's network strengths in mobile, Telstra Air WIFI, Home, and Global Enterprise and Business services into a 'one network' story.
The campaign shows the not-too-distant future where we see Australians' thriving in their everyday lives as a result of emerging, connected technology such as hologram calling loved one, augmented reality sports experiences to driverless cars. The campaign also demonstrates how Telstra's network empowers everyone to thrive today with superior speed, coverage and reliability.

Telstra_Network_1.jpgThese stories illustrate the role Telstra will play as a leading technology partner for Australia through its network innovation, like 5G, optical networks and the Internet of Things.

Client: Telstra
Agency: The Monkeys
Executive Creative Director: Scott Nowell
Creative Director: Grant Rutherford
Senior copywriter: Mike Burdick
CEO: Mark Green
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Business Director: Kat Kelly
Senior Content Director: Jake Tucker
Content Director: Sam Wallace
Senior Content Manager: Amanda Porritt
Production Company: Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Director: Simon McQuoid
Managing Director & Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Producer: Jodi Matterson


Question said:

Serious question - can a brand make money, by pitching the placement of an autonomous driving car to car brands? So can they earn from having a Volvo in that work?

Phil said:

A new kind of network, but an old kind of ad?

r said:


TLS shareholder said:

share price is tanking and they're spending money on this????? cmo/dictator need to get out of the bubble.

Tom said:

Telstra's new advertising to rebrand itself- talking to holigrams, self driving cars and network innovation etc and yet I can barely get 1 bar of 3G reception (on good days) and I live 15 min from a major regional city. What a joke!!!

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