The Australian National Maritime Museum brings Pompeii legend to life via The Certainty Principle

image001.jpgThe Australian National Maritime Museum has appointed The Certainty Principle as the creative agency to promote three major museum exhibitions in 2017.

Its latest collaboration is Escape From Pompeii: The Untold Roman Rescue - a world class international exhibition that brings to life the untold story of the Roman Navy and its dramatic attempt to rescue citizens of Pompeii following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

ANMM Escape From Pompeii Ad.jpgThe key art was created and animated in 3D and is being used across all campaign assets, including a projection on the roof of the museum, TV commercials, online and social content, print, outdoor, transit and signage in and around the museum and Darling Harbour.

Says Jackson Pellow, brand and marketing manager, the Australian National Maritime Museum: "Given people's ongoing fascination with the story of Pompeii, this exhibition is expected to attract significant audiences over the coming months. The pressure was on to deliver exceptional creative that would drive visitation, and already the pre-launch sales are well above target."

While many people know of the tragic eruption that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum under huge amounts of volcanic ash and debris, not many know that the Roman Navy attempted to evacuate people affected by the eruption or indeed its important role in the success of the Roman Empire. The exhibition is told through the words of the Roman Navy's commander of the fleet, Pliny the Elder and his nephew, Pliny the Younger who witnessed the event and created the only surviving first-hand account of the disaster.

Says Matt Daunt, CEO, The Certainty Principle: "We're thrilled that we have been able to help bring this untold story of Pompeii to life. We worked closely with the curators of the exhibition to ensure everything we were creating was in line with the vision of this incredible story. The result is a powerful and engaging campaign reflecting the intensity of the Roman Navy's evacuation attempt."

The exhibition includes an extraordinary collection of objects, some of which have never toured outside Italy before together with an 8-minute 3D animation that recreates the events on that fateful day in 79AD. It is a rare and exciting chance for visitors to see 2,000-year-old Roman artefacts and haunting body casts of victims of Mount Vesuvius.

The Certainty Principle will also be working with the Australian National Maritime Museum on the upcoming Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 exhibition which opens on 31st May.

Escape from Pompeii: The Untold Roman Rescue exhibition is now open at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Image, video, animation: Limehouse Creative


john said:

Unremarkable work considering the subject matter....the Kiwis had a Pompeii exhibition a while back and amongst other great work i remember they did a an amazing 'lava flow' on the luggage belts at he airport arrivals hall....decals on the belt made it looks if the lave was flowing out of the baggage handlers area. Top work.

George said:

There was no lava in Pompeii. The city was shaken to the ground and smothered by the ash. This is historically accurate.

Historian said:

Actually there was lava when Vesuvius erupted along with the volcanic mud and ash which engulfed and covered Pompeii.

harley john gee said:

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