The Strand Arcade showcases A/W fashion in newly launched interactive video via The Royals

TSA AW Royals PR 2 (1).jpgThe beautiful interior of the Strand Arcade stars as the backdrop in the music video for up-and-coming artist Sloan Peterson's first single, '105', which doubles as a fashion look book for the Strand Arcade's latest campaign, created by The Royals.

The video, produced by The Royals in partnership with //Thirteen & Co, showcases the latest A/W fashion from the Strand retailers - worn by Peterson and a cast of alumni dancers from Australian Ballet School and Sydney Dance Company. An interactive overlay allows viewers to hover their mouse over the latest collections of featured brands for a close-up view of each item and shopping details.

TSA AW Royals PR 1 (1).jpgPeterson and the dancers wear the latest collections from a wide selection of the Strand retailers and leading local designers, including Manning Cartell, Bassike, Scanlan Theodore, Dion Lee and P.Johnson.

Says Melissa Prpic, group marketing manager at Ipoh: "The Strand Arcade has a heritage of being at the forefront of Australian fashion, celebrating authentic talent and harnessing emerging creatives and our AW17 campaign is no exception. Our decision to create a bespoke digital experience was a natural progression for the Stand Arcade. The video platform allowed us to showcase the latest collections from our retailers in a new and innovative way using cutting edge technology. We are excited with the result and to be supporting a promising young artist such as Sloan Peterson."

The campaign, the first from The Royals since winning the account late last year, also includes print, POS and Social. Watch the full interactive video at

Says Nick Cummins, creative partner, The Royals: "I have always loved how fashion has been such an integral part of the music industry and vice versa. The Strand is the home to some of the best makers and designers in Australia so having the opportunity to collaborate with them and Sloan in such an innovative way has been very fulfilling for The Royals."

The music video is the second ever to be shot in the Strand, with David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' video in 1983 featuring scenes shot in on the ground floor of the building.

Client: Ipoh
Product: The Strand Arcade
Group Marketing Manager: Melissa Prpic
Senior Marketing Manager: Daniella Manuel
Agency: The Royals
Managing Partner: Dan Beaumont
Creative Partner: Nick Cummins
Art Director: Adam Frazer
Copywriter: Lewis Farrar
Graphic Designer: Anthea Wright
Integrated Producer: Rene Shalala
Strategy Director: Clare La Palombara
Account Director: Priyanka Patel
Account Manager: Michelle Kroger
Production Company: //Thirteen & Co
Director: Pete Moore
DOP: Christopher Miles
Producer: Catherine Warner
Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
Photographer: Natalie Cottee
Post Production: Goodman Brothers
Editor: Joe Morris
Interactive Video Platform: WIREWAX


Skip W said:

Nice work, and sweet idea. Nice one Mr Lewis

smokey said:

I'm sorry but this looks like a 1st year uni student made it.
Vague, pretentious and super unoriginal. Over use of the smoke hazer.
Nice one indeed.

Stale said:

This idea has been done numerous, numerous times. Here's one from 5 years ago.

Nice one said:

Interesting idea, nice to see something a little different.

@Stale said:

Yeah, the new Mercedes?
Cars have been made numerous, numerous times.
Here's a BMW from 5 years ago.

Advertising, less tearing each other down for not being 'first', more focus on your clients, the people who are supposed to be moved to action by your work.

This obsession with "Oh, but it's been done before" is masturbatory. At best.
No wonder your clients are turning to consultancies.

Tonka sandpit for fashion said:

If there's any consistency on the blog all those Toyota commentors should be all over this. Such an utterly boring execution devoid of any idea.

Strand Bland said:

Why was this shot in a hallway with a bad paint job when the Strand is so beautiful? And why all the Smoke? It's supposed to be about shopping and I can't see the shops or what's on offer.

Refreshing said:

Hey @Strand Bland...

The Strand is a beautiful space which is why this showcases that completely.
I think you're after a shopping advertorial... Here you go -

Westy Field said:

A nice new innovative approach to showcasing outfits. A finely crafted and executed piece. This will do well in this category. Better than the other fashion Sia type videos.

Strand Bland said:

You must work for the agency. If you think that fire hose reel and electrical box is good showcase of the Strand architecture or shops you're clearly delusional. Maybe for a music video but this is supposed to be a music video that makes you want to shop at the Strand. It doesn't do that. I don't want to hang out in a dingy corridor. Thanks for the offer though, it was "refreshing".

but said:

when you click on the circle, you cant then click through to buy the item? am i missing something?

tc said:

You folks are all missing the 3x Shia Catalogue interactive films from waaaaaay back (like 2003 - look it up in the interweb archives keyword 'porn'). Porn with purchase - brilliant work.

And anyway, tech is tech - use it often and it doesn't matter if you're the first or not - the more the better to get people doing more than just watching... shit.

Catch up.

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