Toyota Australia showcases unbreakable HiLux Tonka concept via Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 7.40.12 am.jpgPushing the limits of Unbreakable, Toyota Australia has joined forces with the world's toughest toy to create a special-edition HiLux Tonka concept vehicle via Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney.

Adults, kids and fans of HiLux and Tonka will have the opportunity to experience the vehicle 'in the metal' as Toyota tour it around 4WD shows, field days and expos across the country.

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
Wayne Gabriel - Divisional Manager, National Marketing
Yolande Waldock - Corporate Manager, Brand Management & Communications
Hannah Roy - Manager, Marketing Communications - Commercial Vehicles & SUVs
Hayley Phillips - Commercial Communications Manager, National Marketing

Saatchi & Saatchi
Chief Creative Officer - Mike Spirkovski
Associate Creative Director - Dan O'Connell
Associate Creative Director - Sam Chappell
Senior Copywriter - Anton Posa
Senior Art Director - John Jordan
Senior Art Director - Simon O'Neill
Executive Producer - Kate Gooden
Producer - Natalie Greaves
Managing Partner/Planning Director - Alex Speakman
Managing Partner - Ben Court
Group Business Director - Sam Jones
Senior Business Manager - Izabela Gustowski
Business Manager - Thomas Beech
Production Company: Milkmoney
Sound: Uncanny Valley


@Vroom said:

No, it's actually got an idea - the sand-pit. Oversized objects relevant to a kiddies sand pit does not make it the same idea. And the Toyota spot doesn't have that awful music.

Tina Pimples said:

No @Vroom, the Toyota spot doesn't have 'that awful music' on it ... it has something a lot worse. Something truly horrible. Is it supposed to sound like a tinny, programmed ripoff of ... I dunno, Johnny Cash? Must try harder.

FordMan said:

Oh what a bad feeling!

Not the first, hopefully the last said:

On the upside, it's not just the Ford and Audi work you guys have ripped off. There's also this:

M said:

C'mon Spirko. Lift your game. This is bad on so many levels.

Google said:

Use me before you present an idea.

N said:

@ M,
F#%k you on so many levels!
I agree this idea has been done many, many times but don't make it personal mate.
Spirko has done enough great work in his time to put most to shame.
Don't be a cock.

Tsst tsst said:

Bit rough bringing Spirko into it. I'm sure there's some creative directors who can saddle the blame for this one. I'd find it very hard to believe that all the other Tonka trucks in sand boxes remained unseen.

You bought a jeep? said:

@ @vroom

Sort of, kind of, exactly reminds me of this Jeep commercial.

The one where jeeps drive around in a sandbox with oversized shovels and buckets and things.

Phil said:

Shame about the execution similarities, because making real version of a Tonka Toyota is a cool and novel idea.

Or is it?

Hilarious said:

There's been done.
And then there's been hammered.

wow just wow said:

After Ford, Jeep, Audi and the other one, the case study would actually have to read; "For the 5th time ever Toyota create a Tonka truck that drives around a sand box"

Hope you guys got a good deal on a secondhand sandpit and giant bucket.

bad! said:

2 ‘Associate Creative Directors’, 2 Senior Art Directors and a Senior Writer to come up with an idea that was done in 2007 – that’s awkward.

Missy said:

You all just need to turn down the hate. How else do you sell in a Toyota/Tonka collaboration??

George said:

Let's face it - cars *are* toys.

@Missy said:

With research, thought, care, consideration and originality.
That's what a responsible adult would do with a client's money.

Are you saying a giant sandpit is the only possible good idea for this collaboration?

PMD said:

@2:59 There’s a reason some ideas are timeless conceptually, albeit may come across unoriginal. It’s a good execution to support a new car. Don’t think such criticism is warranted.

Truth said:

@PMD, sorry but you're just digging a bigger hole. You can't defend unoriginality. Not in a creative industry and certainly not on this blog.
If i were the client I'd be slightly annoyed. To spend all that time and money only to find my competitors have done the same idea would be frustrating and completely embarrassing. How would they explain it internally?
They agency should have known better and been much more aware of what the competitive brands are doing.

I must say, calling out certain people in the comments is a very low act though. It's what brings our industry down.

S&S's only saving grace is the general public wouldn't know and wouldn't care.

Willy Tonka said:

@The Truth
by the same token, the general public won’t give a shit that this has been done in a foreign country as they won’t have seen it or be aware of it.

What if... said:

It's interesting that everyone assumes the idea to build this car came from Saatchis. From the links posted here it seems Tonka does this with car manufacturers all the time. If that's the case, and they just brought the project to market, then I don't mind it. It certainly beats how the others have brought theirs to market anyway.

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