Vizeum, Posterscope and Apparition launch hand painted mural series for Jameson Irish Whiskey

ShannynHiggins_Photography-1 (1).jpgVizeum and OOH specialist agency Posterscope have teamed up with Apparition Media to roll-out a unique Out-of-Home mural series promoting Jameson Irish Whiskey.

The murals, situated at eight locations throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, depict Jameson's iconic artwork featuring its famous bottle alongside the Jameson family motto of 'Sine Metu' (Latin, meaning 'without fear').

ShannynHiggins_Photography-11 (1).jpgSays Valeria Catterini, senior brand manager, Jameson Irish Whiskey: "We are incredibly impressed with the Apparition Media approach to Out-of-Home advertising. The hand painted billboards are disruptive and add an element of intrigue for passers-by during the painting process. Working with Apparition and the very talented artists allows us to behave differently in this traditional media channel and bring to life the Jameson 'Sine Metu' campaign in a new and exciting way."

Says Lewis Stewart, group business director, Vizeum: "Our approach for the Jameson campaign was to build a sense of crafted authenticity through our communications.

"Using Apparition, we were able to transform the traditional Out-of-Home experience into a delivery mechanism which showcases high quality, in cherry picked environments, that enables us to talk to our consumer in a unique and creative way."

Posterscope handpicked locations that were both popular and high-traffic such as Surry Hills NSW, Fortitude Valley QLD, and Melbourne's CBD.

Says Elliot Devine, business director, Posterscope: "Jameson challenged Posterscope with thinking outside of traditional Out-of-Home channels to elevate the Jameson brand. Working closely with Vizeum and Apparition we selected the most impactful and relevant sites to elevate the brand and align with the Jameson Motto 'Sine Metu' - without fear. It's exciting when a brand challenges the medium to come up with really creative executions!"

The series, created by Apparition Media and inspired by Jameson's iconic artwork, includes three variations of the same design.

Says Tyson Hunter of Apparition Media: "Jameson is a brand we have dreamt about working with since we started this business. It was one of those brands that we knew would fit the medium perfectly and we are very excited that we got the opportunity to work with them on this campaign."

Each mural will be up for five weeks. 


Doris said:

Hi Vizeum.

As many alcohol clients have done this exact thing before (including at least one other you buy media for) how is this in any way unique????

i said:

I love the murals that these guys do, but I do wonder how many people recognise them for being handmade, or if people just glance at them as a standard billbaord

still, they look great

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