VW Tiguan SUV highlights desirable + advanced technology in new TV campaign via DDB Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.11.35 am.jpgCB Exclusive - Volkswagen via agency partner DDB Sydney, has launched a new nationwide campaign for the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV which showcases its desirable and advanced technology.

The Tiguan is Volkswagen's most technologically-advanced SUV to date.

Says Ben Wilks, general manager marketing, Volkswagen: "The Tiguan is a class leading car in a cluttered SUV category. It's packed full of technology and was a multiple 2016 Car of the Year award-winner.

"Our brief was to show that the Tiguan, and the technology in it, is extremely desirable," he said.

The campaign depicts how the Tiguan's technology is so advanced it is desired by those even beyond this galaxy.

Says Ben Welsh, chief creative officer, DDB: "This is the kind of brief any creative would love. We're delighted with, and very proud of, the finished work - it's exciting, dramatic and has a funny twist. Most importantly, it doesn't shy away from being a car ad. The car is so integral to the story, it's effortless."

Volkswagen and DDB Sydney worked with production company Scoundrel and director Tom Noakes to make the ad.

Adds Welsh: "Tom was brilliant. We knew we had a great script and Tom brought it to life magnificently."

The campaign features a 60-second cinema ad, 30-second TV ad with a 15-second reprise, as well as two bespoke 15-second ads, outdoor and a range of digital media.

Agency: DDB Sydney
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Welsh
Creative Partner: Jade Manning
Creative Partner: Vincent Osmond
Creative: Dave King
Creative: Jason Woelfl
Planning Partner: Graham Sweet
Senior Producer: Tash Johnson
Art Buyer: John Wood
Managing Partner: Mandy Whatson
Business Director: Lisa Little-Cain
Business Executive: Catherine Cumming
Production Company: Scoundrel Films
Director: Tom Noakes
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Claire Kelly
Music Composition: Turning Studios - Elliott Wheeler
Editing: Adam Wills
Post Production: White Chocolate
Sound design: Rumble Studios

Volkswagen Group Australia
General Manager Marketing: Ben Wilks
Marketing Communications Manager: Rowena Kanna
Brand Communications Manager: Julia Reimnitz
Brand Communication Specialist: Julie Scarff


Look mom no VO said:

Not bad, especially considering the amount of product shots.

not bad but said:

seems a tad rushed. Feels more like a 45 or 60 second story.

The Brutal Truth said:

The old 'so advanced it would be abducted by aliens' idea coming around for the umpteenth time. So lazy, so overstated. For a friggin VW SUV? Really??? Planners and creatives on this, hang your heads in shame. Do you really think people are that stupid?

could have done better said:

If it's the kind of brief that "any creative would love" perhaps they shouldn't have given it to any old creative.

pugwash said:

throw away music score...really?

Longer said:

Should have shown the 60. 30 is too short.

KK said:

Beats those Toyota ads hands down. Not your typical car ad.

All dreams detected? said:

Seriously bad audio here. This ain't a Maxell Tape ad is it?


I hate hashtags said:

A 30 second google search would have shown you that this idea has been done, so it's completely worthless to the creatives and the agency. The client doesn't care, but that's not the point. #musttryharder

My ears aren't working said:

What is being said at the start of the ad?

Is it "All dreams detected"?

McNulty said:

Shame something similar has been done, but I don't blame anyone involved. How do you 'Google an idea'? You can't. If no one had seen that German ad, then they hadn't seen it. End of.

Not as bitter said:

Lots of car. Lots of features. All wrapped in an entertaining story. And that's a lot more than can be said for most cars commercials these days.

Average. said:

A bit average.

Also not as bitter said:

It's a great spot. Nicely done chaps.

Spielberg said:

Beautifully shot. Love to see a longer format though, bit tight for a 30.

Also not as bitter said:

It's a great spot. Nicely done chaps.

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