72andSunny, AFTRS and Sea Shepherd to take stand against the trading of shark fins with live experiment at Semi-Permanent at 3pm, May 26

image1.jpgIn its first collaboration, 72andSunny, Semi Permanent, AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School) and Sea Shepherd are joining forces to create a cultural conversation about the devastating trade of shark fins in an effort to change the law.

Out of the 100 million sharks killed each year, at least 38 percent of them end up on the fin trade. Australia is not immune - doubling its export of shark fin to 10,575kg, while also importing 3933kg in 2016.*

In a live experiment at Carriageworks on May 26 at 3pm, 72andSunny, Semi Permanent, AFTRS and Sea Shepherd will engage the audience to help tackle the issue in Australia by kickstarting a cultural conversation to put the shark finning debate on the national agenda. The session will involve a discussion led by key leaders from Sea Shepherd and 72andSunny, and will include design and creative assets from world-renowned designer David Carson, the famous ocean photographer Michael Muller, alongside the next generation of creative talent from AFTRS.  The session will also be live streamed via Stab magazine on the day.
image2.jpgSays Chris Kay, partner and managing director, 72andSunny, APAC: "Getting the opportunity to work with Semi Permanent and have our first creative work in market be an open, live experiment is daunting and exciting in equal measure. It's an issue that we're passionate about, and are proud to partner with the current and next generation of creative talent on."

Says Murray Bell, founder, Semi-Permanent: "This festival is built around the theme of 'Design for Change,' and we really wanted to do something different to show how change can be an action in real time. Collaborating with these partners has been inspiring and a lot of fun. We're confident this is an exciting opportunity for students to see their work impact the world by starting a conversation to end a shocking trade in shark fins."


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