ALDI launches new 'Good Different' brand positioning in latest 'Trolley' spot via BMF

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.04.47 am.jpgALDI Australia has today launched its new brand positioning with a campaign via BMF that celebrates its differences.    

The new company positioning, Good Different, encapsulates ALDI's business model and will ensure the brand continues to distinguish itself from competitors as it expands in Australia. 

Good Different isn't just a new tagline for ALDI Australia, it sums up ALDI's philosophy and approach. It's what has made ALDI different and will continue to make them different. ALDI isn't like other supermarkets, from its business model, product offering, supplier relationships to its shopping experience. All of this saves customers time and money.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.04.56 am.jpgSays a spokesperson from ALDI: "Australians already know that ALDI has the lowest prices. Now we want to help them understand how. The truth is that we are able to offer the lowest prices because our business DNA is fundamentally different to our competitors. These differences deliver us savings, that we pass onto our customers, all without compromising on quality. It is not often that we tackle such rational topics in marketing. Fingers crossed, we've been able to inform and entertain at the same time."

Says Stephen McArdle, managing director, BMF: "ALDI has always been a very different proposition to the big two, and for a long time that felt like a barrier to the brand becoming part of Australian's weekly shopping routine. But in truth, it's these quirks and differences that make ALDI a brilliantly refreshing antidote to the Colesworth duopoly. Most shoppers have now realised this and we're shouting it from the rooftops with a voice as Good Different as the shopping experience itself, so the rest of Australia can come join them."

Says Alex Derwin, creative director, BMF: "People already know that ALDI has the lowest prices, but there is a whole treasure trove of interesting things they don't know. Good Different works because it comes straight from the brand's DNA - it's evident in ALDI's business model, the way they source products, and the way they treat their staff and suppliers. Creatively it shows a brand that's confident in its own skin. They have a personality, a point of view, and plenty of interesting things to say."

The new Good Different positioning will be introduced to consumers nationally this week, as part of ALDI's biggest fully integrated brand campaign in 16 years of operation in Australia. It will appear in store advertising, OOH, online and in more than 30 new TV advertisements due to launch this year.

Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley          
Creative Director: Alex Derwin
Associate Creative Director: Rosita Rawnsley-Mason
Art Directors: Rosita Rawnsley-Mason and Nadia Ahmad
Copywriters: Tom Johnson and Millicent Malcolm
Designer: Matthew Hughes
Head of Planning: Hugh Munro
Executive Planning Director: Christina Aventi           
Managing Director: Stephen McArdle
Group Account Director: Toby Hussey
Account Director: Hayley Basham  
Agency Producer: Jenny Lee Archer           
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
Executive Producers: Loren Bradley and Edward Pontifex
Managing Partner: Wilf Sweetland
Post Production: Arc Edit (offline) and Alt VFX (grade/online)           
Editor: Peter Sciberras
Photographer: Gavin Johns
Art Buyer: Basir Salleh
Music Supervision: Level Two Music
Sound Production: Rumble Studios   
DoP: Germain McMicking
ALDI Marketing Director: Mark Richardson
ALDI Marketing Manager: Lachlan Sweet


RichC said:

Love this. Right down to the acknowledgement that you need a $2 coin for your trolley. Genius.

Oscar said:

La La Lovely.

Not Zenon said:

Good job Millicent.

New AD Guy said:

I'd do this if i could find a trolley that rolled straight. Nice work, team. Lovely work.

qt3.14 said:

So good.

yay said:

thank you

Planning said:

Well done to your planning department - what a simple proposition.

2017 said:

Female creatives. That's good different.

Wild Turkey said:

Good Different. Wild Turkey thought so too.

David and Margaret said:

Hate the cutaway to the silent view inside the car and the way to Aussie voiceover.
Absolutely love everything else. Well done.

Joe J said:

Brilliant work. Its good different.

Diplomats said:

All class. Beautiful embodiment of the brand's practical German heart.
Congrats to all involved.

Impartial Observer said:

The great unwashed will get impatient waiting for this ad to say something informative and simply take out that you have to pay for a trolley.

My god, advertising people are such wankers.

RE: Impartial Observer said:

You clearly have no clue about how advertising works... maybe learn a bit of psychology 101, and then develop a more informed point of view on what works and what doesn't

Not another one said:

If I have to watch another TV ad where a person spontaneously breaks into a dance I'll spew!

@Wild Turkey said:

No one cares

LOL said:

I'm just here for the comments.

@RE: Impartial Observer said:

Ah, if only you knew.

You clearly are caught inside the bubble, and feel qualified to dispense condescending judgement while knowing nothing about me.

I have decades of awarded, celebrity experience as a (now-reformed) ad wanker.

Perhaps you could illuminate us all on how advertising works - especially in this example - and justify your vague hunch.

pugwash said:

loved it, but the music is beyond expected from a spot like this, lets it down horribly.

Adgirl said:


Vb11 said:

This ad is brilliant. The music perfectly encapsulates this somewhat reserved women's moment of joy. Even the actresses slight bung eye is endearing for me. Makes Aldi seem like the quiet achiever unlike that trashy "down down prices are down" rubbish.
Well done.

Yoyoyi said:

How old is the lady in the advert riding the trolly

Love the music said:

Can anyone tell me the name of the music used in this ad?

mH said:

The singer is Palmer Rockey "Feelings of Love"

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