ALDI says don't waste your life choosing pasta sauce in latest TV execution via BMF Australia

Good Different_Pasta Sauce1.jpgOne of the biggest mysteries about ALDI is how they manage to keep their prices so low across all their products. The latest 'Good Different' execution via BMF, lifts the lid a little.

In the 30-second Pasta Sauce TVC viewers see a man and his son age 40 years while stuck in a fictional supermarket choosing between hundreds of pasta sauce varieties.

It shows that when you shop at ALDI, not only do you save money, you don't waste your life choosing pasta sauce.
Agency: BMF
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley       
Creative Director: Alex Derwin
Associate Creative Director: Rosita Rawnsley-Mason
Art Directors: Dantie Van der Merwe, Rosita Rawnsley-Mason and Nadia Ahmad
Copywriters: David Fraser, Tom Johnson and Millicent Malcolm
Designer: Matthew Hughes
Executive Planning Director: Christina Aventi
Head of Planning: Hugh Munro         
Managing Director: Stephen McArdle
Group Account Director: Toby Hussey
Account Director: Hayley Basham
Agency Producer: Jenny Lee Archer        
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
Executive Producers: Loren Bradley and Edward Pontifex
Managing Partner: Wilf Sweetland
Post Production: Arc Edit (offline) and Alt VFX (grade/online)        
Editor: Peter Sciberras
Photographer: Gavin Johns
Art Buyer: Basir Salleh
Sound Production: Rumble Studios
DoP: Germain McMicking
ALDI Marketing Director: Mark Richardson
ALDI Marketing Manager: Lachlan Sweet


Procrastinating said:

They just don't stop - client of the year, calling it now.

Tone said:

Nice one Derwin & Co

AJ said:

this is fantastic

Joe J said:

So damn good!

Dr Stevie Brule said:

Just chose a dang prasta ya dengus

dm said:

"Basil, tomato, and basil"


DK said:

Nice work TJ. Nice work MR. You've shown you're a good client already.

The rest of us said:

Forgive me for sounding like a curmudgeonly bald twat, but I fail to see what's so great about this.

Josh M said:

Bloody nice.

Rest of us, plus me said:

Agreed. Oldest trick in the book isn't it? Nothing new.

etch said:

god damn lol

Old Buddy said:

Used to work with TJ in Montreal. He's a hoot. This is a good'ne.

Love the insight said:

But the actual execution? Leaves me a bit cold. And for the average consumer on the street, who doesn't get to read a 500 word explanation of the point they are trying to make, I'm not sure this is going to do the job that it set out to do.

Donezo said:

Swear I've seen this done before...

Ted said:

I really warm to the quirky personality BMF have given ALDI

Adgirl said:

Fucking great.

thanks for the smile said:

Lovely idea, great casting. Hats off to yooze.

HJ said:

Only NINE people on the creative team?

Killin' it said:

V strong, yet again.

smiles all round said:

Well done guys, lovely ad. I hope it didn't miss the Cannes deadline? A contender for sure.

The blimp said:

It's not that great.

When I'm at a supermarket i want loads of options.

Bubs said:

OMG i saw it shortly after turning tv on at about 9.30am and it literally made me laugh out loud. Great way to start the day. Cant wait to see it again 🤣🤣

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