Armchair Productions director Stefan Wernik shoots brand new film for charity UNHCR

Adut's Journey_Forest_01.jpgArmchair Productions director Stefan Wernik has just finished his second film for Australia for UNHCR. A charity that raises money for the UN's refugee programmes.

The film tells the true story of Adut who spent two years alone in a war zone after being separated from her parents.  Through her story the project highlights the sad fact that thousands of children are left alone and in danger each year and asks you to donate to help protect them.

Adut's Journey_Plain.jpgIt was decided with the client early on to make the film a story of courage and success to inspire people to donate rather than guilt them into it. The client also wanted to use animation to differentiate the appeal from other charities and produce something unique.

To this end the film uses bold colour and Adut's Journey_Scared.jpgdesign to leap off the page on social media. It is also inspired by the dazzling colour combinations of Sudanese art and textiles.  Dark Blue's and angry red's were used in the early stages of her Journey with the palette turning golden as she finds help. Using a combination of 2D and After Effects the film takes the approach of showing the strength Adut's Journey_Rice.jpgand resilience of Adut while lost in huge landscapes. She is purposefully small in fame at the start of her journey while close ups at the end convey her happiness.

Says Wernik: "We never wanted to portray the refugees as victims but show a success story for both Adut and the UN. The Armchair team did a fantastic job of conveying that."

The film will be sent to donor's and used on social media in the coming weeks.

You can view the project and more of Armchair Productions award winning work here.

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