turns up volume on marriage equality with Listen to Love series via Emotive

AUDIBLE_STILL_13 (1) has partnered with The Equality Campaign to launch Listen To Love, an original audio series investigating equal love and voiced by Aussie celebrities and everyday Australians developed by content agency Emotive and promoted by Sydney PR agency Poem.

The free six-part audio series features comedian Tom Ballard as host, TV and radio personality Osher Gunsberg whispering sweet love poetry, an original standup routine by comedian Joel Creasey and philosophical musings about La La Land by Ethicist Damon Young.

51LQO86wUmL._SL300_.jpgListen To Love forms part of Audible's global focus on expanding original audio content and underscores Audible's commitment to the ongoing production of local original content.

Says Ballard: "I wanted to be part of this series with because I think
it's important to keep the conversations going around marriage equality - we can't forget it or dismiss it. It's vital that straight, cisgender people hear these stories and understand just how much marriage equality and discrimination in the Marriage Act at the moment affects people with real stories."

To celebrate the launch, has teamed up with comedians Joel Creasey and Rhys Nicholson and actress Rosie Lourde to create a gargantuan and spectacularly outlandish Marriage Equality Acceptance Debate video.

The impassioned debate about 'who loves marriage equality more' sees the trio trade feisty barbs amid a frenzied crowd, eventually transforming the placid ambience of a fancy tearoom.

The integrated campaign spans above and below-the-line channels with a strong focus on publicity and social sharing across platforms Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.
Listen To Love is the second local campaign for in 2017, having previously worked with Australian actor Craig McLachlan and comedian Jordan Raskopoulos on a parody of the famous Roxette song Listen To Your Heart, rewritten as Listen To Your Book.
Says Matthew Gain, country manager and head of Audible Australia and New Zealand: " believes in the power of telling stories and providing a platform for these stories to be heard. We're proud to partner with The Equality Campaign to share this collection of evocative, personal stories of love that deserve a voice within the Marriage Equality discussion."

Says Tracey Markham, Audible Ltd. spokesperson: "Listen To Love is's first original audio series and reflects our commitment to investing in original content both in Australia and globally. has also partnered with news site HuffPost Australia to provide access to the first episode of the Listen To Love series. HuffPost Australia's readers can stream the Second Class Citizen episode, hosted by performer Joel Carnegie, from the news site
Like Listen To Love, much of this content will focus around relevant social topics and issues close to people's hearts."

Says Dr Shirleene Robinson, The Equality Campaign spokesperson and Listen To Love contributor: "The Equality Campaign and have a common goal of sharing stories that really matter. Stories of love are particularly powerful - enough to change hearts and minds across a nation - so it was a natural fit for us to work with them on Listen To Love."

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Client: Sara McConkey and Melissa Gompes, Audible
Creative & Production Agency: Emotive
Digital Amplification: Emotive & M&C Saatchi
Creative Director: Andrew Cameron
Director: Henry Stafford
Senior Producer: Justine Moyle
DOP: Evan Papageorgiou
Editor: Uthayan Selvaraj
PR: Poem
Content Production: The Space Company


The "Listen To Love" clip is a propaganda stunt and has nothing to do with same sex marriage - homosexuals already have equal opportunity to legally marry in the same way as heterosexuals, but they choose not to (it is their choice), and they are not being denied a "right to marry" because even heterosexuals cannot marry same sex partners - their is no right to marry same sex how can they be denied it?....they can't. Homosexuals are seeking redefinition of the word "marriage" to make their homosexuality look acceptable - there is no equality involved, nor rights involved, nor love involved, nor anything else involved. The propaganda slogans are simply emotive stunts to blackmail us into accepting their alternate reality. Even the people who made this "Listen To Love," clip are called "Emotive" is all emotion and no substance.

no said:

Hey Neil,

Fuck off.

Warm regards,
The advertising industry.

Steely Dan said:

Great project. Wonder if Neil Aitchison is cool with governments that enforce the state's designated religion, because everyone has the 'right' to choose the one faith...

H Eathen said:

Could this perchance be the same Pastor Neil Aitchison of Sanctuary Baptist Church in Adelaide? Clearly not a sanctuary for all...

My church is a sanctuary for all.....including homosexuals. Disagreeing on same sex marriage does stop us being welcoming to homosexuals. Many (most?) homosexuals don't agree with same sex marriage. It's the homosexual activists that are pushing it onto everyone for their own selfish agenda. The homosexuals are just pawns in their political game. We see through it all and can help homosexuals with real solutions rather than promising a superficial band-aid solution like same sex marriage. No problems are solved having same sex marriage.

No one - heteros or gays - cares about a government sanctioned union or piece of paper. And no one is stopping gay people from exchanging vows and rings in front of families and friends. Its the religious, God-sanctioned marriages that gay people have a problem with but hide the agenda through this nonsense of 'equality' and 'love who you want' - it makes no sense - gay marriage is like a 10 year old on an aged pension. Incompatible realities. They are already equal in the eyes of the law where it actually matters and they are free to love as they please - marriage in the traditional sense is not about 2 people in love its about more than that and needs to be protected. Same sex unions could already be in place if an alternate name could be agreed - "Garrage" or even "civil union"?

And NO ONE is arguing against "marriage equality". In fact everyone supports marriage equality. It's marriage redefinition we don't like. After all, we already have marriage equality - the rules, regulations, restrictions, and responsibilities surrounding marriage apply equally to everyone right now.

Ad Homo said:

Hey Neil

Not that you'll come back to this post to read it but there's nothing like an alternate reality as to what religion offers. It's conned and controlled people for centuries with its propaganda and manipulation. Let alone the crimes it has committed under its disguise of divine righteousness. But granted it has also done some great things. I'll acknowledge that.

You are incorrect in your comment. It's 100% about legal equality, so in fact it's 100% about substance. Some of us homo's do get a tad emotional, but can you blame us?

Keep up the prayers and preaching Neil. Especially for those in your flock who are the married hetros who are probably sitting in the front rows of your church that are having affairs, visiting their local gay beat, cruising the straight and gay apps, abusing their wives and kids. They're the ones who really need your attention and not whether there's marriage equality in Australia - as after all it is inevitable my friend.

@ Neil said:

You're absolutely entitled to your opinion. And you had the guts to put your name to it, so, respect.

But if you want anyone to take your view seriously, you need to put forward an actual logical argument, and not just 'it's an alternate reality' i.e. it's against the natural order of things.

That's just dogma, and all it does is put everyone's back up.

Here endeth the sermon.

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