Australian bakery franchise Bakers Delight champions chia in new work via Red Agency

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.51.35 pm.jpgAustralian bakery franchise Bakers Delight has launched a new marketing campaign via Red Agency, promoting its range of superfood chia bread loaves, fruit bread and fruit buns.
To better understand what children really thought about healthy eating and what 'superfood' means to them, Bakers Delight enlisted the help of discerning critics aged 6-10 years old, for a truly honest opinion.

CAM2647 Social Squares8 (1).jpgIn a series of cute videos fit for Bakers Delight's owned channels, the family-owned bakery asked the children a series of questions about their views on healthy foods, superfoods and chia.
Whilst many of the kids thought a superfood was a fruit or vegetable adorning a cape with big muscles, when it came to chia, several claimed to know what it was and said they didn't like it - until the taste test - shocking their parents who claimed their kids were the fussiest of eaters.

Says Nikki Price, marketing manager, CAM2647 Social Squares12 (1).jpgBakers Delight: "The common perception, and often a reality for many parents, is that it's really hard to get their kids to eat healthily. We wanted to create a product that was healthy yet tasty so both parents and their children would benefit.

"The fruit buns, which are packed with chia seeds, dates and raisins, and have no added sugar, are a big hit with parents as they offer a healthy alternative to common lunchbox snacks and after school treats such as biscuits or slices."

Bakers Delight sources its chia seeds from WA-based The Chia CAM2685 Carosel Post_0003_2 of 5 (1).jpgCo. For the in-store marketing efforts, the Chia Co produced in-store recipe booklets available for a limited time only. The marketing campaign is supported by in-store displays including vivid orange posters with graphic novel style typeface to support the superhero elements, as well as video production, social media amplification and traditional media relations. 

Ideation/Creative concept: Bakers Delight and Red Agency
Media Relations: Red Agency
Production/Post Production: Virtual Connexions
Talent: Bakers Delight
Social Media: Bakers Delight
In-store advertising: Bakers Delight


Hi said:

Bakers delight used to get what good advertising was about.

Heavily branded. Said clear things about the brand (fresh). Likeable and enjoyable.

These ads are among the worst I've ever seen

Tired formula interviewing kids. But with all the honesty and cuteness ripped out so they are rendered incredibly boring.

No branding and very little product. Except for the silly endframe.

Endframe doesn't link to the story.

End line is generic and same as every other 'real' thing.

I worry that people are just not understanding advertising any more.


Reality said:

Make it cheap and that's what you get...

Hola said:

Nicely said Hi, your comment is a great example of readers jumping the gun and commenting before reading the entire article. Sounds like you need a hug.

KGB said:


I'm glad the audience will be reading the PR blurb (or "article" as you put it) before watching that garbage masquerading at 'content'.

I find this helps in giving the viewer some context.

And no, I'm not 'Hi', just a marketing person with a degree of common sense.

Keep going with this content engagement strategy and I reckon some of your Facebook posts may crack triple digits when it comes to shares (of course, I assume your strategy is 'let's post daily about our chia seed bread' judging by your recent activity). Of course, when compared to the 10,000+ customers you have each day, I do wonder why you bother.

Two thumbs up said:


Your combination of smugness and stupidity is a real winner.

You'll be running that PR agency in no time. In fact, you probably already are.

timing said:

you can tell Cannes is coming.

Aha! said:

Now I know why Red are looking for a creative team.

LOL said:

Haha @timing too right

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