BHP says 'Think Big' and drops the Billiton name in new brand campaign via Big Red, Melbourne

BHP-Think-Big.jpgBHP says Think Big and drops the Billiton name in a new brand campaign launched today via Big Red, Melbourne.

The initial campaign includes two 30 second TV commercials, which will be accompanied by print and online advertisements and leveraged through social media. As the campaign progresses, the materials will grow and evolve.

Think Big will also be launched globally in a phased approach into other markets where BHP is located.

BHP-Launch_Print.jpgThe cast of the Think Big brand campaign is largely BHP employees. For many, it was their first experience in front of the camera. Local crews worked at various locations including Broken Hill, the birthplace of BHP.

BHP Chief External Affairs Officer, Geoff Healy says Think Big was designed to demonstrate the important role BHP plays in the Australian economy and community and more broadly in global economic growth and development.

"We fundamentally believe that as society changes it is up to us to make the case - more confidently and effectively - for the positive role that well-run and responsible companies play in society," says Healy.

"The advertisements will talk about the importance of our Australian heritage, our contribution and our commitment to communities where we operate. The campaign will focus on what people can and should expect of us.

"In launching Think Big, we will take the opportunity to change our logo and move to a brand that Australians have known us by for generations - BHP. This abbreviated simple expression of our organisation is used colloquially around the world."

Agency: Big Red
Production Company: Flinders Lane
Director and DOP: Germain McMicking
Creative: Campbell Smith, Marty Hungerford, Ted Horton, Alex Pappos
Music: David Hershfelder
Sound: SMR Productions
Editor: Jon Holmes
Media: Atomic 212


Curiously Familiar Voice-over said:

Think Ted.

ian said:

all very jingoistic, but isn't bhp a huge evader of australian taxes.

Secret admirer said:

These are really nice. Well done BR and FL!

@Secret admirer said:

Really nice??? Please explain.

Good stuff said:

I preferred it when advertising used to have ideas in it.

john said:

Another piece of corporate chest beating that does very little to change perceptions.

Time to Retire said:

Written, spoken and authorised by Ted.

However worthy, it's wallpaper.

Dogcat said:

Would be nice if this was actually an original idea.
Blatant plagiarism of an earlier series of BHP ads and online videos. 2011. You would think with $40million to spend you could come up with something truely original.

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