Cancer Council Victoria + Cancer Institute NSW launches 'Quit Stalling' spot via Three Wise Men

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.17.52 pm.jpgCancer Council Victoria and Cancer Institute NSW have joined forces for a new campaign via Melbourne agency Three Wise Men, aimed at young male smokers to encourage them to quit smoking.

The campaign, directed by David Rittey through AIRBAG, gives an encouraging message that is positive and supportive to push smokers a little further down the path to quitting.

Says Amy Collie from Cancer Council Victoria: "This concept resonated extremely well in research with our key audience of young males. They related to the notion of finding excuses to put off quitting but found this creative concept made them genuinely think about quitting now because they saw themselves in the life-stage scenarios."

Says Sarah McGill from the Cancer Institute NSW: "Smoking rates among young males are significantly higher than average. Our research shows that while men in this age-group are well aware of the health risks, they believe that they will quit before the damage is done."

Quit Stalling challenges young men to be honest with themselves about their quitting intention. It also reframes quitting as the strong and masculine thing to do.

The commercial follows the life of a young man as he grows older always promising to himself that he'll quit, but then putting it off. It urges people in this position to Quit Stalling - Quit today.


This will work said:

It is simple and truly believable. Well done.

qt3.14 said:

Nice work as always, Nige.

George said:

Good public health marketing is always informed by the consumers, and this is no different. Well executed.

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