Cannes Contenders: BMF Australia

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

You've Gotta Have a Team.jpgFFA: You've Gotta Have A Team
BMF Australia
This is the extraordinary journey of one kid who inspired millions to pick a Hyundai A-League team. Enter Yoshi, a 10-year-old football-crazy kid who didn't have a HAL team. All 10 clubs pulled out all the stops to win him over, tailoring once in a lifetime experiences. Yoshi shared his story and became a little super star. In Direct, PR, Promo & Activation categories this integrated campaign managed to increase game attendances, TV viewership, club membership and social engagement and helped secure the value of FFA's biggest TV deal in the history of the league and has already been recognised at D&AD and One Show.
Stop It At The Start.jpgAustralian Government - Department of Social Services: Stop It At The Start
BMF Australia
Stop It At The Start is a rally-cry to all people who influence young Australians, to help break the cycle of violence by encouraging them to reflect on their attitudes, and have conversations about respect with young people. It has shifted the behaviour of over 8.5 million Australians, helping to prevent violence against women growing in future generations it's also on record as one of the most successful Australian government campaigns of all time. A legacy that few campaigns can claim. Promo & Activation / PR.

Meet the Tinkletons.jpgALDI: Meet The Tinkletons (TV)
ALDI: Meet The Tinkletons (Radio)
BMF Australia
In Film and Radio categories the Tinkleton family show up to a typical Aussie family's home determined to prove that their over-the-top American Christmas is better than a laid-back Aussie one. After seeing how amazing Christmas is in the sun, sand, surf and backyards of Australia, the Tinkletons fail their mission, and are converted to the perfect Aussie Christmas.

Insuring This Australian Life.jpgTAL: Insuring This Australian Life
BMF Australia
BMF worked with ex-pat Aussie director Kim Gehrig to launch the biggest insurance brand no one had ever heard of, celebrating everything in life that's worth protecting. The film was scored by--another incredible export--Sia's mega-hit Chandelier. Our version re-imagined by a string quartet.

Observations.jpgDulux: Observations
BMF Australia
In Film / Film Craft, BMF and Rattling Stick/Goodoil gave the most iconic dog in the world a voice and highlighted the most important quality test for paint: the test of time.

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