Cannes Contenders: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

V Energy_V Skills_CB image (1).jpgV Energy: V Skills
TKT, Sydney

Millennials have access to masses of information and, when it comes to education, they're better off than any previous generation. But, somehow they missed out on the essentials needed for navigating everyday life. As "The Massive Hit That Improves You A Bit", V Energy Drink is all about making people a bit better. And there was definitely room for improvement; both in millennials basic life skills and in the multitude of frankly boring 'how-to-videos' available to them. Enter V Skills, 24 pieces of informative, entertaining branded content, focusing on teaching millennials life skills making them be a bit better at... life.
Brekk-e-Tag Thumbnail (1).jpgHungry Jack's: Brekk-e-tag
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Hungry Jack's is famous for burgers, not breakfast. And with its competitor spending millions on promoting their breakfast menu, we needed a breakthrough idea to get the country talking about HJ's as an alternative. Working with the insight that it's hard to talk when you're tired, we created the Brekk-E-Tag - a device that orders breakfast automatically as customers approach the drive-thru. By simply pre-setting the tag with their favourite breakfast order online, customers could get their breakfast without having to say a word. Brekk-E-Tag was installed at Hungry Jack's Tumbi Umbi store on the NSW Central Coast, with tags being distributed directly to customers.

HSE3024_GE_CROP_FA (1).jpgGE: GEeks go for #cc9900 (that's hexadecimal code for gold by the way)
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
As a technology partner to the 2016 Olympics, GE machines working at the Rio Games flooded social media with tweets in binary code, a language software engineers couldn't ignore. Contained in these tweets was a global tech challenge that coders lost their minds over. 109,000 people from 138 countries engaged in campaign, elevating GE's cred with the tech crowd and more importantly, it put GE on their list as place to work.

DRYTUNES CB_Thumbnail (1).jpgDry July: Dry Tunes
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Dry July is a charity that asks Australians to raise funds for cancer clinics by taking a month off drinking. That's a tall order when you consider how prevalent alcohol is in popular culture. Up to one in five pop songs contain alcohol references. So to get people talking about Dry July, and to make it a little easier for those raising money, we worked with Australia's largest radio network, Austereo to make its music go dry for July. They edited their tracks, censoring alcohol references. This was amplified by live reads, promo spots, social media posts and discussed on-air by radio hosts.

V Energy_Lil Pup_MA MONEY$ (1).jpgV Energy: V Rapper Lil Pup (ft. Lil Big Pup) - MA MONIE$
TKT, Sydney
V Energy's hugely successful campaign, 'The Massive Hit That Improves You A Bit' has been running for the past 4 years, helping turn V into Australia's biggest energy drink brand. However, given younger audiences were turning away from the category (and advertising) in droves, we decided not to make a conventional ad, but rather make something that millennials were actually into. We went all out; creating a full-length music video, 'MA MONIE$' which aired in cinemas and on MTV amassing over 1,057,912 views in just a few short weeks. Directed by Steam Films and Finch's Benji Weinstein, and shot on location in Miami, the music video is set against the backdrop of a $15m crib and comes complete with a polished hip-hop track, twerking back-up dancers, tricked out lowriders and an entourage bigger than Kanye's ego. In addition, we ran a national outdoor campaign advertising Lil Pup's new fragrance collection.

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