Cannes Contenders: whiteGREY

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

MPAN Cannes 2017 Digital PROOFS_[7063x5008px]2 (1).jpgMPAN: The Unmissables

With over 2,000 long term missing person cold cases in Australia, our challenge was to help families of the missing reignite public interest in the search. Police can't do anything without a lead, so the help of the public is the only hope these desperate families have. The Unmissables uses an online platform to connect the families of long term missing people with volunteer writers and artists to create reimagined missing persons' posters. The Unmissables replaced vital statistics with personal stories, grainy photocopies with stunning, emotive, memorable portraits, hopelessness with hope.
Perla (1).jpgPerla: Fabric Hair
whiteGREY, Grey Maruri

92% of women use conditioner every time they wash their hair. Only 2% use fabric conditioner when they wash their clothes. We had to show our audience that conditioning clothes is as important as conditioning hair. Fabric Hair is a print and outdoor campaign that features beautifully soft, silky fabrics in place of luxuriously silky hair. These stunning portraits were more than just a statement about soft, smooth, static free clothes. They were a celebration of female beauty, cultural acceptance and diversity. Created and produced in Melbourne, this project was a collaboration between whiteGREY and Grey Maruri.
MS.jpgMS Australia: Multiple Sclerosis DIY Manual

Build your own neurological disease. Last year we built the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis into one terrible bike. But one bike wasn't enough to educate thousands of pharma employees about the symptoms and hardships of MS. So this year, we got pharma companies to spread Multiple Sclerosis, through one terrible book. We wrote, published and distributed an in-depth 74-page instruction manual co-created with patients, medical professionals and bike mechanics, so pharma companies could build their own bikes with MS. It gives a part-by-part, symptom-by-symptom guide into how to build this disease into any everyday bike. The manual includes detailed CAD drawings, patient notes and easy to follow instructions. By sharing the plans for the Bike with MS, this manual has led to the building of bikes used in fundraising events and pharmaceutical conferences throughout Australia, Germany, Holland, Hungary, USA, New Zealand, Turkey and Hong Kong.

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